Mikaela Angela Mariano, WordPress Assistant

Need to find the perfect image to tell the story of your company’s growth? Or have a blog article uploaded super quickly? Or have a whole page elegantly designed that’s easily searchable on Google? All in a few hours work for Mikel.

Mikel is one of Brilliant Digital’s content guardians and she works closely with Menchie. She’s exceptionally good at making sure all content, video and image go out correctly on every single Brilliant Digital site.

Ever since Mikel was a kid, her dream was to be a businesswoman. She was selling her own handmade accessories in school and it was so profitable that she was still doing it till recently. It’s this mix of hard work and initiative that makes her such a great fit at Brilliant Digital.

Mikel had a past life as an HR/Admin Assistant for two years in an engineering company

But it’s been with Brilliant Digital that she’s really shone. She admires how Brilliant Digital are professional but sweet and approachable at the same time.

What she loves about Brilliant Digital is: “Whenever I need to ask something it is very easy to ask them, and they won’t let you feel that you’ve done a big mistake. Instead, they lift you up and let you know that you can always make it better next time.”

Mikel loves the flexibility of working for Brilliant Digital. As a working mum, Brilliant Digital gives her a wonderful work life balance and now she can finally spend more time with her daughter. She can work remotely anywhere. As an avid traveller and hiker, this is ideal.

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