Menchie Santamaria

Menchie Santamaria, WordPress Assistant

Menchie is the Content Management glue that holds every single one of Brilliant Digital’s sites together. Without her there would simply be no content and no well placed images and no meta tags to help the great content be discovered.

She leads a small team that uploads content around the clock to all the many WordPress sites that Brilliant Digital holds. Think of her and her team as being like the Christmas elves, except virtually every day of the year!

Menchie started out as a Respiratory Therapist for a local hospital in the Philippines. But her dream was always to have a flexible schedule and to work from home – she says, “Traffic is terrible here in the Philippines.”

As a mum of a young son, this was really important. She also wanted to be able to be in a position to help others in the Philippines find work.

Luckily, that dream job arrived. She did a full 180 degree turn from medical work to take up online freelancing – Lead Generation, Affiliate Marketing, SEO. But then, her Holy Grail moment came when she learned WordPress. She has had a passionate love for WordPress ever since and is Brilliant Digital’s resident WordPress wizard.

So when she met Deb Croucher in 2015, it led to the dream job she’d been craving. She loves the Brilliant Digital people and has a great rapport with all the content writers and operations team. In fact, she has a great rapport with pretty much everyone. Her work has grown so much that she’s been able to hire two others: Mikel and Ulysses. She finds the work itself always so varied and exciting and she loves the feeling of achievement every time a new website is done: “I consider working at Brilliant Digital a wonderful blessing.”

When she’s not successfully launching all Brilliant Digital’s content off into cyberspace, Menchie loves to read. She hugely enjoys the scent of an old book. She can also climb mountains. Literally. She loves going mountain climbing and being immersed in nature.

Menchie is a very joyous person but the things that lift her through the day are when her dog James wakes her in the morning; thinking about her next trip and good food and music. She would one day love to run her own hotel. Given how well she can handle any challenge there’s no doubt she’ll make this happen. But, for now, Brilliant Digital is very grateful to have her.

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