Marketing to Women

So what’s the secret of marketing to women?

Women no longer want to see themselves portrayed in advertising campaigns, smiley faced and dressed from head to toe in pink, sniffing fresh laundry or peering over a freshly mopped floor.

Today’s Internet marketing strategies need to target today’s woman And she’s smart, educated and hard working. And… she’s seen just about every marketing ploy out there.

Economy or Sheconomy?

Are today’s women holding the purse strings? Are they in fact making the majority of purchasing decisions?

It has been reported that women are now making 85% of the buying decisions in their households – and I can believe that. Women are now also working and earning. Whilst it may be true that women still comparatively earn less than men and are still primarily responsible for raising children… figures still show that approximately a third of women earn more than their husbands.

We may have a flagging economy but the sheconomy is booming.

There is no doubt most women like to shop but it’s not just the smaller purchases that are being made by women. Women are buying big stuff, cars, and homes.

Whilst past Internet marketing strategies and marketing dollars have been primarily directed at men. The growing spending power of women today requires a rethink on the marketing and advertising front.

Marketing to Women

So how do you come up with an Internet marketing strategy that addresses these changes, taking into consideration that the pink fluffy thing doesn’t work well on today’s women?

Does the American comedy film ‘What Women Want’ have the answer to this question?

Whilst past Internet marketing strategies and marketing dollars have been primarily directed at men. The growing spending power of women today requires a rethink on the marketing and advertising front.

The movie tells the story of a chauvinistic male advertising exec that slips and falls in his bathtub while holding an electric hairdryer and shocks himself. Only to find that he wakes up the next day and realises he can hear women’s thoughts.

Now I’m pretty sure lining up a whole lot of alpha male advertising execs throwing them into a tub of water and shocking them into submission is not the way to go on this one…

But like all marketing getting into your buyers head is the key.

Respect and Connect

Show a little respect and learn to connect.  There have been significant changes in the role of women over the past three decades.  Women are reaching new heights in industry, government, media and sports.  They face different challenges and have many more opportunities the playing field is not level.

Here’s a list of Do’s and Don’ts:

  • Do learn to engage with females using great content.
  • Do take time to build relationships – social media is ideal for this.
  • Do think like a girl – if you can’t do this ask!
  • Do make a connection – put yourself in your buyers shoes.
  • Don’t tell women what they want
  • Don’t forget to Listen
  • Don’t expect immediate results

Does your Internet Marketing Strategy pass the test?

Well does it?  While some companies have passed the test others are still struggling to navigate their way through the whole Mars/Venus minefield.  The Buchanan Test for stereotypes created by author Holly Buchanan, an expert in marketing messages to women, asks three simple questions:

Did the ad feature a woman?

  • Outside the Home?
  • In a role other than “mother”?
  • Not doing Yoga?

If your thinking about putting together an advertisement which features your female role model practicing her downward dog pose, in the kitchen with a screaming toddler attached to one leg. That is probably going to get you an “F” for fail on the “How to market to women test”.

What’s needed is a more realistic portrayal of women and their lives so that they feel a connection with what they see and want to engage your company and your products.

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