4 Expensive Marketing on the Internet Mistakes

In the 90s some people thought marketing on the internet was a fad that would disappear as quickly as it came. In the first decade of this centuary smart companies embraced web marketing and smiled as the dollars rolled in.

And in 2013 it’s clear… if you’re in business and you don’t have a good web presence… you’re unlikely to be in business much longer.

Done right – internet marketing is by far the most cost effective marketing out there. A great website is like have a digital sales team working for you 24/7, 365 days a year.

Done wrong – your website will be an expensive online brochure no-one can find.

4 Expensive Marketing on the Internet Mistakes

1. Building your website on the cheap

In today’s digital world, your website is the front door to your business.

A cheap website will always look cheap and create a poor impression.

The back button is so easy to click… and in the blink of an eye your visitor is on your competitor’s website.

And guess what?…

Google sees that everyone prefers your competitors website and so it ranks them higher than you.

So it get’s even worse.

Our advice… invest in a decent website or don’t bother.

2. Ignoring your website's content

Ok so you decide to invest in a good website. The web designer shows you lots of flashy website designs and you get all excited. But you forget about the content of the site.

Your website goes live and you prepare to be busy.. But the phone doesn’t ring… Why?

Because a flashy web design alone is not enough.

To be successful marketing on the internet you must invest in great web content that potential customers will love. Pre-selling yourself or ‘warming up’ your potential customers is a vital part of the digital marketing process.

3. Not paying attention to SEO

OK so you have a fabulous website it looks awesome, you added some good marketing content, but you check the figures and no-one is visiting it. You check Google and you can’t seem to find it on any search…

What happened?…

What happened is that you didn’t make sure your website was optimised for Google and the other search engines. To be sure your website does well get a search engine optimisation specialist involved from day one.

A good SEO expert will make sure your website is structured correctly for the search engines from the outset and save you from what we call the ‘expensive white elephant’ website.

4. Putting your website up and forgetting it

A website is never, ever finished. It’s like a beautiful garden. You plant it, feed it, water it, it starts to grow and bear fruit and flowers, but unless you look after it, it withers and dies.

It’s easy to spot poorly maintained websites. They have broken links, stale content and dated images. And be very clear… Google can spot them too… unless you are regularly caring for your website and adding fresh, new content Google will drop its ranking. Like a stone.

A great website is your most important marketing tool and a hugely valuable asset.

Build it right and look after it and it will be your best business sales tool for many, many years to come.

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