Deb Croucher – Charismatic Presenter

When Deb Croucher speaks, people listen.

Whether you have an intimate group or a packed out conference venue, Deb will deliver the same thing… she will speak from the heart and generously share the knowledge she has amassed from more than two decades of digital marketing experience.

Knowledge and experience

20 years ago, Deb first heard about a new search engine called Google.

This sparked a passion that has seen her develop a reputation as a pioneer and leader in digital marketing across multiple industry sectors.

Deb doesn’t just talk about digital marketing… she gets results. And has done so for hundreds of clients.

For every client that Deb and the Brilliant Digital team work with, there are thousands more businesses that are yet to discover the power of websites in delivering qualified leads day in and day out. Through her presentations, Deb generously shares her decades of knowledge and experience in an engaging and authentic way.

Deb is available as a marketing keynote speaker to deliver presentations on a range of topics including digital marketing, brand strategy, business leadership, digital innovation and websites that work. Amongst her past speaking engagements, Deb counts the CEO Institute, BT Financial Group, Suncorp, Western Sydney Business Connection, Family Business Australia and Inspiring Women in a long list of clients.

Brand strategy

Brand strategy

Digital marketing that is not built on a solid strategic foundation is doomed from the start.

Deb has remarkable insight into the power of brand strategy for driving business growth, based on her 20 years as a digital marketer. She has seen it all.

In Deb, you have access to one of the greatest strategic marketing minds in Australia. She combines passion and experience from her own fascinating journey with an uncanny ability to engage with each individual audience member as though she was speaking directly to their concerns.

Digital marketing success

Digital marketing success

Deb is a veteran of an industry where most are still finding their feet. She is a stalwart who can speak to what it takes to achieve success… because she has achieved exactly that for hundreds of clients.

Deb can speak to digital marketing success across a range of industries from sewer vents to architecture, travel to manufacturing, family business and more. The Brilliant Digital proven process works across industries… and in her presentations, Deb reveals the formula for success.

Your audience will not only be inspired by Deb’s own success but walk away with clear action steps to take on their own path to digital marketing success.

The power of content

The power of content

Content is without a doubt the most critical element of any website. Quality content will draw in prospective customers and turn them into warm leads. Content is a digital marketing tool that has the power to transform.

Deb encourages her clients to think differently about their content and messages within the context of the Brilliant Digital content framework. Potential customers won’t connect with the how… they will connect with the why and the story behind your business.

Deb has a way of talking about content that simply makes sense. Your audience will leave feeling empowered to implement a solid content strategy in their businesses that will pave the way to growth.

Personal and business transformation

Personal and business transformation

Deb is an inspiring woman. 20 years ago she was in a vet in the UK… now she is running one of Australia’s leading digital marketing agencies. And she got there through determination, grit and exceptional talent.

Deb sold her veterinary business in 2007 with a 10x return… she had grown the business through marketing and following her gut that websites and Google were the future of business promotion.

Since founding Brilliant Digital, Deb has worked with hundreds of clients – delivering clear results for each and every one – and grown from a team of one to a team of more than 40 talented digital marketers.

Deb’s story is fascinating and inspirational with many lessons for both business success and personal growth.

Flexible work practices

Flexible work practices

Deb started Brilliant Digital so she could build a career on her terms and be more present for her young daughter. More than a decade later, Brilliant Digital is a shining example of how a business can be successful while offering flexible work practices.

Flexibility at Brilliant Digital isn’t all talk… it’s how we do things. Deb drives a culture where flexibility is universal.

As a leader and business owner, Deb is passionate about offering flexibility to her team.

As a speaker, she is passionate about sharing the benefits of flexibility with other leaders… and laying out her own roadmap to success.

What Deb's clients say

What Deb's clients say

No matter the stage and no matter the audience, Deb has a way of making a connection with each and every person in the room. And for an event organiser that is gold!

Deb has a reel of happy clients ready to sing her praises, like Demi Vass from the Cumberland Business Chamber:

“Deb was recommended to us as a guest speaker, and she did not disappoint… She was a remarkable speaker! Her presentation was extremely engaging, and she made all of her content relatable for her whole audience. She demonstrated her depth of knowledge throughout her presentation, but especially in the Q&A session, where she would answer questions specific to the person’s business situation. I would highly recommend!”

Or Katie Gardiner, a Digital Masterclass Delegate:

“Deb Croucher is a master of her trade. Her expertise, ability to share her knowledge and creating a wonderful interactive forum was first class.”

Your next speaker

As a marketing keynote speaker, Deb is challenging and entertaining. She is passionate and talented and brings her expertise to the stage to share openly and honestly in a way that connects with her audience.

Learn more about how Deb can bring her expertise to your stage or contact us to book Deb for your event or conference.


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