The market-led approach to website builds

Posted by Deb Croucher | March 2, 2020

At Brilliant Digital we’ve built hundreds of websites. And for every successful website we build, our clients come to us with a story of a past failed website. A project that was full of promise – with a budget to match – that simply didn’t deliver on the expectations.

One common difference between those failed websites and the successful ones we deliver for our clients… is the driving force behind the website. Straight up, there is only one place you should be looking to guide your website direction… and that is externally to the market that buys your products and services.

When you lead with design

A website should absolutely have a great design. We would never question the importance of great design for a website. The design is what captures the attention of your visitor. It is your crucial first impression and is one element that sets the tone of your brand.

But design can’t lead the project. Why?

Three key reasons:

1. Designers often get carried away designing things they like or want to experiment with or things they think the business owner might like. The end result is most often the classic ‘pretty’ website that leaves the market scratching their head and delivers zero business.

2. When you lead with design, you are essentially creating boxes for content you haven’t planned first. You have no idea if the boxes will actually fit the content the market needs to see to make a decision to use your services.

3. Design-led websites often tend to forget the importance of user experience and functionality in the final product. A website can look amazing… but as soon as you start clicking around to look for the information, you can’t find what you need and get lost in a confusing maze of empty pages with ‘cleverly hidden’ navigation.

Enough said.

When you lead with functionality

Functionality is another key element of a successful website. You need to ensure that the website works, that it is easy to navigate and has fast load times. The development that goes into your website is vital… but if you lead from this side of the project you will end up with a beautifully coded website that generally looks awful and once again leaves your market cold and looking for a competitor.

When it comes to website development in today’s world, the sky’s the limit. If you can think of something you want your website to do, you will be able to find a developer who can make it happen. The challenge of this is that you can build a website with all the bells and whistles, only to find that your customers don’t need or want to see bells and whistles… and in fact, it turns them away from your business.

When you lead with your operating system

If you’re in the middle of a website build and you realised the CRM or another piece of operating software is leading the decisions around your website build, stop what you are doing and step away.

There is no denying that your CRM is the brains of your business, holding all of your valuable customers’ information and often operational information. But when you build your website around your CRM, rather than working to integrate that CRM to suit the functionality and design of the website the market needs to see, you are focusing internally and heading down a doomed path.

Your fabulous new CRM will have tumbleweed rolling through it because the leads simply won’t flow in. And your failed project will cost you dearly in terms of wasted work and missed opportunity.

When you lead with the market

Basing your website decisions around your market,

  • who they are
  • the problems they face
  • their hopes and dreams
  • and how you can help them solve those problems and reach their dreams…

is the ONLY path to a successful website. This is where you will find the gold. And in our experience, this is NOT how most websites are built.

At Brilliant Digital we follow a proven, strategic process when we build your website… and it all starts with defining your market.

Who are they? What are their biggest problems? What are their dreams and aspirations? What do you do to provide a solution to their problems? Why is solving their problems so important to you?

It is only when we have a crystal clear picture of your market and how you serve them that we move onto content, design, functionality, SEO and the full picture of your website.

And we know this approach works. We’ve followed the same proven process with hundreds of clients and the result is consistently a high converting website that resonates with the market.

It may seem counterintuitive, but your website isn’t about you.

While it may talk about your team and your products or services… and share your business story, highlighting your expertise through blogs and case studies… every single one of these pages and stories must turn the focus quickly back to the market and explain how what you do benefits them.

Take the first step towards a website that works

Our proven process delivers more than just a website… it delivers websites that get results. And those results come in the form of warm leads that land straight in your inbox.

Contact us to discuss how we can apply our expertise to your business to build a website that will resonate with your market.

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