Maintaining websites, the Brilliant way

Posted by Deb Croucher | November 7, 2019

When Google made a change to a widely used application recently, we had the website updates proactively in place so there was no interruption for our clients.

Maintaining a website takes technical smarts and a forward-thinking approach…

but it also needs to be done so smoothly… that you don’t even know it’s happening.

Careful monitoring

Once we send a website live at Brilliant Digital, it’s never actually ‘finished’.

We have a team of developers who are constantly monitoring our websites and our servers to make sure that everything is running as it should.

Senior Operations Officer Hayley Rothery explains, “We monitor many things including server speed issues and upload time on our websites.” (Uptime is the time in which a website is up and running as expected.)

“We upload sitemaps for all of our websites into Google Webmasters which notifies us of any issues that may be causing downtime.” (When a website does not load or display.)

“And we also need to keep an eye on any changes in practices or procedures online to make sure that our code is still compatible with the latest standards.”

Dedicated servers, expert support

It’s important that all of our websites are hosted on different servers. So, we have dedicated servers with only our websites on them – they’re not shared with anyone else.

Having systems in place to work on and monitor the websites and their host servers allows us to know whether our servers are in good health…

or if there are any issues that could be affecting our websites and how they run.

“We also have a really high-quality host for our websites –

they offer great support and backup with 24-hour monitoring of all our websites and servers,” says Hayley.

Trusted plugins

Plugins are software add-ons or widgets that give your website additional features – think Adobe Flash Player or QuickTime.

We take these very seriously and are over cautious when adding them to our websites.

Our qualified developers study and test all of the code written in any plugin that we intend to use. We need to make sure that it’s going to be compatible and not cause any issues. And we’ll only use plugins from trusted developers and providers.

An eye on the future

In the online world, things are constantly changing. We need to keep an eye on that and stay up to date and ahead of the game.

This approach allows us to make changes proactively on our websites so that everything keeps running as it should.

Google recently brought in changes to how they allow the use of their Google Maps on websites and they’re now charging people a fee for that service.

So overnight, Maps stopped working for websites that did not have the proper update in place.

Our team was ready to jump in and apply the changes and the application was up and running straight away. We stay ahead of upcoming changes before they become an issue – prevention is the best cure.

Hackers be gone

SPAM and hacking are increasing issues across websites, globally.

PwC’s 2018 global survey revealed that nearly half of all Australian businesses had experienced some form of ‘cybercrime’ in the past two years.

Hayley says, “Some of our websites get over 500 hack attempts each day, but they are not successful. This is because of the high standard of code that we have in place that leaves no holes for hackers to get through.

But it’s also down to the prevention and security that we build into our websites. We use trusted filters and firewalls and have 24-hour monitoring to stop hackers in their tracks.”

Soft skills are important too

Away from technical development, all of our team has a part to play in website maintenance and website design.

Our team of content producers manage day to day monitoring – they continuously produce new content, keeping it fresh, engaging and relevant.

And they ensure that links and pages are working and displaying as they should – this helps our websites to move higher up the Google ranking.

Our SEO team, meanwhile, watches the analytics and measures the traffic that’s coming to the websites.

Your website is the hub of your business. It is the gateway to information about you and your products… it’s where you can develop an emotional connection with your customers… and ultimately, allows you to grow your digital brand and business website.

For Hayley, the job of looking after our clients’ websites doesn’t stop – “Think of a website as a living breathing thing. It’s never finished. It needs a lot of ongoing maintenance and work to be done to it to keep it alive and functioning. If you don’t maintain a website proactively and with the right know-how, it will become a dead end.”

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