Senior Content Producer

Lucille Wilson

I’m Lucille, but you can call me Lu! Before I joined the Brilliant Digital team of digital marketing experts, I spent over 12 years in marketing in the natural cosmetics industry.

But in that role I was always writing … from educational pieces to lifestyle articles, there was always something to research and write about.

Writing and telling stories has pretty much been a constant in my life.

Always something new

I really enjoy learning about new industries and businesses. Every day there’s a new topic to immerse myself in.

Plus, I love the flexibility. Being able to work from home while I’m caring for my young son is fantastic! It’s rare to find a rewarding job that also supports a dedicated home life.

Switching between multiple clients

A normal day for me is talking to clients, learning about their businesses, brainstorming content ideas, interviewing them and researching about their industry to make sure I know as much as I can to tell their stories.

Story creation

I write blog posts, feature articles, social media content, event listings and anything else they want to share with the world. I switch frequently between clients based on deadlines and scheduled activities.

Brilliant Digital was like a role written for me

I was made redundant while on maternity leave from my previous role. I was terrified about entering back into the workforce and being the ‘newbie’. Plus, I had no idea how to find an employer who understood what it was like to have a bub at home who was still going to need his mum regularly.

When I saw the position ad for BD, it was like the role had been written for me; all the points I had written on my ‘want list’ were there. The family friendly culture, the supportive nature of the staff. I felt, from the first interview I had, that this was where I wanted to work.

Work with the people you like

Brilliant’s approach to clients and storytelling is more about relationship building than anything else. Brilliant really only wants to work with people they like. That’s a great rule to live and work by!

When I’m not working

I have a pretty busy life. My almost-two-year-old son keeps me on my toes, especially when he’s chasing the cat or dog around the house! Plus, I have a bit of a side hustle where I run natural cosmetic making workshops … teaching people how to make their own natural skincare. Also, I have always loved music and have been able to play multiple instruments since I was a child. Sunday afternoons are my musical escape … I co-host a radio spot on a Sydney community station. We’re a specialist show featuring reggae, dub and dancehall music.

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The value of digital storytelling, the Brilliant way

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