Lovepreet Singh, Developer

A naturally cheery developer? Surely not! In fact, Lovepreet is one of the happiest people you’ll ever meet. His philosophy is that every moment during the day is beautiful and that we should smile in each and every situation and spread love. It’s this wonderful attitude to life that has made him so valued at Brilliant Digital.

Lovepreet graduated in IT and has worked as a designer and web developer ever since.

He really enjoys being challenged in his work and it helps him to increase his skill set and take on a greater workload. Brilliant Digital also offers him a great variety of work, which means no one day is ever the same.

When he’s not happily writing code, Lovepreet loves to play and watch sport for fun. He’s relaxed when immersed in music, reading, or socialising.

He hopes to continue his journey as a web developer and keep gaining knowledge so that no technical issue will ever be too difficult to solve. With his attitude and dedication, that day can’t be too far off!

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