Leveraging technology to run your business remotely through COVID-19 and beyond

While there is never an ideal time for the business disruption we are experiencing due to COVID-19, there have never been more resources available to support business continuity.

Flexible work is how we do things at Brilliant Digital. We don’t have an office… every one of our team members works from their own home. And yes, we do manage to coordinate a large team working on complex tasks… by leveraging some very cool technology.

Meeting with your team and clients

Meeting with your team and clients

Gone are the days of ineffective large group teleconferences… video conferencing technology is accessible, affordable and effective.

The beauty of video conferencing is that it gives you access to tools that you wouldn’t be able to use in a regular face to face meeting scenario, such as the ability to record the meeting for those who can’t attend or share your screen with the other participants. And you can come in newsreader attire if you want (i.e. a smart shirt paired with shorts and thongs!).

At Brilliant Digital we use Zoom for all team meetings, training and client meetings. We use Zoom because:

  • It has the best interface, image quality and features
  • We can share the link with anyone – clients or team – and they access the video call without a login
  • It also easily allows us to host webinars

Other options include:

  • Skype
  • Google Hangouts
  • Cisco WebEx
  • GoToMeeting
  • Join.Me

Whichever software option you choose, it’s important to remember this is a meeting like any other. We send agendas and appoint a meeting lead to ensure it runs smoothly… and the same rules of respect and courtesy apply.

Working in the cloud

Working in the cloud

Moving to cloud-based software is a no-brainer for business. You aren’t susceptible to server crashes or complex integrations… and in the current situation, operating on the cloud gives you the flexibility you need to keep your business running.

We moved into the cloud in 2009 and have never looked back.

One of the things we love most about the cloud is the doors it opens for collaboration.

Team members can simultaneously work on documents from wherever they are located.

You have ultimate control over access levels to ensure the security of your information… and the efficiency of your team will skyrocket as they can work together in a way they have never been able to before.

Google Drive and Microsoft Teams are clear leaders in cloud solutions for enterprise documents. But more than documents in the cloud, using collaborative calendars, cloud-based accounting software and project management systems that work in harmony with each other ensure that you can create a virtual office environment from wherever you are located.

Managing a virtual team

Managing a virtual team

We have a team of more than 40 writers, designers, developers, client managers and project managers… and each one of them works remotely. This is how we have always done things.

People are generally fascinated about the management aspects of a virtual team. We get asked questions like:

  • How do you actually know your team is working?
  • What if you have a question you need an answer to now?
  • How do you handle project communication?

And while there is absolutely an element of hiring the right people and a level of commitment you get from your team when you give them the flexibility to work around their own circumstances… there are also technology options that can support you to monitor and track your team.

Time tracking software such as Clockify or Toggl will help you to monitor time spent on tasks… in fact, from this unique working situation, you may get insights into your team and possible efficiencies that you wouldn’t have otherwise.

Ultimately, it will become very clear if your team isn’t working… because you won’t see the output you should.

At the end of the day, the output and results speak volumes. If they are working, they are delivering. Team members are only a phone call or a Zoom away… and tools like Slack help us to keep all communication around a project or client in one place and drastically reduce delays and pointless internal emails.

Making the most of your website

Making the most of your website

Even now – with the economy taking a hit in response to COVID-19 – it is not the time to be neglecting one of the most powerful pieces of technology you have in your business – your website.

Now is a great time to look at opportunities. Can you boost falling face to face sales by adding eCommerce functionality to your website? Are there relevant topics that you can write about for your website to help your customers through this difficult time? Do you need to add a chat functionality on your website to offer an additional level of support to customers?

In terms of the technology available to guide your website decisions, ensure that you have Google Analytics setup so you can monitor website traffic and use Google Search Console to identify issues and dig deeper into how your website visitors are finding you through Google organic search.

We are here to help

While we know these are testing and trying times, we also know that it is possible to run a successful business remotely. The challenge is to find the hidden opportunities for growth amongst all of the difficulties.

And we are here to help. Our team is stronger than ever, working remotely through the crisis. If you have recognised an opportunity to focus this time on building your digital brand for when the storm has passed, contact us to have a chat about how we can help.

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We are in this business for the long haul... and that's how we view our relationships with our clients. We build a website as a solid foundation, then we partner with them to grow their digital footprint. And our results speak for themselves.

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