Steady Flow of Educated Leads from Legal Website

Family Law specialists Sharon Moss Legal are very good at what they do… and like many service professionals they had traditionally relied on word of mouth and referrals to grow their business.

This meant that new business flow was sporadic. It also meant that prospects were only partially educated when they made contact with the business. So the team of lawyers had to spend time educating prospects about Sharon Moss Legal’s range of services and considerable expertise. This meant the time from first contact to closed business was often more extended than was ideal.

Back in 2012 the team realised that digital marketing was starting to become important and they invested in a digital strategy.

In the words of business owner Sharon Moss

“Brilliant Blue created new core content for our website then re-designed and and re-built it to reflect our business and educate our clients. They then implemented an SEO strategy to put us on page One of Google and we’ve been there ever since.

Since 2012 the website has delivered a steady flow of business – even clients who are referred check us out online first to see if we are right for them.

“The leads that come from the website are educated and ready to work with us – this reduces the time we spend educating new clients about our services.

“Our digital marketing delivers an excellent return on investment and is by far our most powerful marketing tool.”

Brilliant Blue understand professional services

“Because Brilliant Blue specialise in service business and have a lot of experience in the professional services sector, the team immediately understood the market we were trying to reach,” says Sharon.  

“They spent time with us learning about our business and meeting the team. ” 

“Combining the information from us with their professional services marketing knowledge allowed them to write exactly the right content for our target market.”

Team interviews allowed Brilliant Blue to write engaging team profiles. These profiles convey the personality of staff members, as well as their qualifications. Families now feel they can relate to and engage with the team members, and most importantly trust them at what is often a really difficult time.

For me, family law is as much about negotiating a good outcome with minimal emotional distress, as it is about educating clients on the necessary legal processes they will encounter along the way. If I can keep a matter out of court I do.” says Sharon.

“Potential clients are looking for more than just family law firm who will advise and represent them… they are looking for a firm who genuinely want the best outcome for everyone involved at what can be a very stressful time for families.”

“We also have years of experience with wills and estates and conveyancing. And because we know a family’s circumstances we can tailor our advice in this area to them saving time and money and giving our clients peace of mind.” 

Saving time for both our clients and us

Straight away, a steady flow of new business began coming from Sharon Moss Legal’s updated website. The website is the most powerful marketing tool the business have.

“Thanks to our website, potential clients now clearly know who we are and how we work” says Sharon. “It saves everyone time, because the website filters out clients who might want a different style of legal practice.”

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