Leah Jeffreys, Systems Manager

Hi, I’m Leah and I work at Brilliant Digital in the Operations Team.

I do a wide variety of tasks but I mainly focus on providing technical support to the team.

I brief the technical support team, manage designs and updates to our clients’ websites and manage social media.

I also produce SEO reports.

Smooth operations

By supporting the Operations Team, I ensure that website builds go smoothly. So that includes making sure the content and images are loaded correctly and everything looks good for the client. And I ensure that any issues with the websites are resolved quickly and efficiently.

I love working at Brilliant Digital because the team really supports and helps each other out. And that means we can deliver a great result for the client in the end.

Flexible, interesting and fulfilling

I love the fact that it’s a flexible workplace. It means that work can fit around life. And the job is also interesting and fulfilling. It’s really enjoyable to work here in such a great team.

Outside of work I’m currently studying a Bachelor of Environmental Science at UTS. When I’m at home I love spending time with my family – walking the dog, enjoying time with my sisters and just enjoying life.

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