A Simple Lead Conversion Strategy to Turn Website Enquiries into Sales

Posted by Deb Croucher | December 16, 2019

A simple lead conversion strategy to turn website enquiries into sales

A website that consistently delivers qualified leads is absolutely useless… unless you know how to convert those leads into sales.

We deliver each and every client the same result… a website that will drop your ideal customers straight into your email inbox, week after week.

Over the years, what we have found big differences in our clients’ ability to implement an effective lead conversion process.

It isn’t unrealistic to think that you can achieve a lead to sale conversion rate of 90-100%. In fact, we’ve seen those kinds of results with many of our clients. What are they doing that other businesses with lower conversion rates aren’t? Taking a simple and personalised approach.

Pick up the phone

Pick up the phone

When you receive an enquiry email from your website, what do your team usually do with it? Sit on it nervously unsure of how to reply? Does it sit in their inbox for a few days until they have time to get to it? Or maybe in a best-case scenario, they send an email straight back? We’re sorry to tell you, but neither of these actions is going to do anything for your lead conversion rate.

The reason is simple. Potential customers who land on your website and send an enquiry aren’t the same as potential customers who come to you through referral or other direct methods. They require a much more structured process to get them over the sales line.

And that process starts by picking up the phone – as quickly as you can when you receive the enquiry – and starting to build a personal connection.

A personal phone call has a number of benefits in the sales process:

  1. People appreciate a phone call. By picking up the phone you will stand out from your competitors who are simply emailing or not even replying to the enquiring.
  2. By responding very promptly, you will show your potential customer how you do business… you are easy to deal with and you care about their business.
  3. Over the phone, you can do a brief fact find to get a feel for the customer and whether they are right for your business.
Discovery session

Discovery session

During the initial phone call, you will need to book a discovery session with your prospect, no later than a day or two after the call.

Be sure to send an email to confirm the meeting and perhaps even a questionnaire for the customer to complete or some further resources from your website that you think will be helpful to them.

The discovery session is your chance to listen and learn the ins and outs of your prospect’s business.

The information you collect will be vital for creating a proposal that hits the mark and converts the lead into a sale.

Your prospect may also have questions for you at the discovery session and this is your chance to drive them back to your website to further resources.

Proposal presentation

Proposal presentation

At the discovery session, you should have gathered enough information to formulate a solution or proposal for your prospect. Your presentation of the proposal is your chance to seal the deal.

And as with any stage of the lead conversion process, a personal touch will give you far better results. No emailing your proposal and hoping for the best!

Where possible, the proposal presentation should be delivered face to face and as soon as possible after the discovery session as you can manage.

Keep in mind that a potential customer will spend seven hours digesting your content or spending time with you through the sales process, see you across four platforms and have 11 touch points with your business before they will convert to a sale. Create those opportunities for them to interact with you and your brand.

Customer retention

Customer retention

Lead conversion is nothing if you can’t retain your customers. And it’s a big mistake we see so many businesses make.

At Brilliant Digital, client care is a huge part of our process. We ensure our clients know that we are partners in their success and build long-term relationships that continually deliver. No matter the size of the client or how long they have been with us, we deliver the same thing.

Your customer retention strategy may involve email check-ins, monthly phone calls or newsletters that demonstrate your capability and the work you are delivering. Without it, you will start to leak customers and your lead conversion efforts will be for naught.

Take a step forward with your marketing

We work with our clients on lead generation and conversion every day. We build websites that deliver qualified, educated leads and build content and marketing strategies that will help you convert the sale.

Contact us to learn more about how we can transform your business through our complete website and digital marketing solutions.

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Danrae Group

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