Layering brand storytelling on your website

Is there something missing from your brand?

If you don’t have a great story behind your brand, then you’re just another commodity.

The best businesses are built on great stories. In today’s world, the first place customers will look to find out anything about your business is your website.

So you need to make sure your website is a rich storytelling hub.

It needs to be the beginning of your brand story and it forms the connection between your customer to your brand.

Elements of a great story

To get an engaging, fantastic story, you need to weave 4 distinct elements together to make a beautiful rich tapestry.

Customer story

The first element is the customer story.  

If you don’t know what problems your customer is facing, and how you solve them them, you cannot build a brand story.

The very best brands know their customers, and their problems, inside out.

If you don’t know, you have to go and find that out before you think about marketing.

Personal story

Second comes the personal story of the people that make up your business.

The story of your founder or team members are interesting and need to be told. The classic founder story is James Dyson.

His personal story is woven throughout the website and details his struggle to develop the right solution, his multiple attempts, and the challenges he faced.

That’s the classic kind of personal story to weave through your brand storytelling – that’s the WHY behind your brand. And that’s why your team come to work every day.

Business story

Then comes the business story.

This is the classic About Us page.

Only it’s not really that… that’s a bit of a misnomer.

The About Us page should be about what your business can do for your customer, and how you can solve the customer’s problems.

That’s where the stories start to unfold.

Product story

Lastly we have the product story to flow into your stories.

There are brilliant and innovative ways to do this that go beyond listing the features of your product or service… 

Again you need to present the product or service in terms of how it solve people’s problems.

Example time!

For an example of how brand storytelling is done, look at one of our clients, Optical Solutions Australia.  OSA is Australia’s leading provider of network solutions. They built a very successful brand over 15 years. But what we saw when we looked at their website, was that they didn’t have a brand story, only their products.

If you look through their site today, it’s clear that they understand the customer. They know exactly who they are, and what their problems are – they know their customer inside out.

They feature personal stories behind the founder and of the team members such as how the tech guys use their Research & Development lab… They add layers to their story…

Then their About Us page is their business story – it’s not about the company but it shows how the company solves the customer’s problem. And finally they showcase the product, with detailed product stories through the site.

What’s really cool is if you look at the Customer Success Stories you can see the product being used to solve problems. So what you have is all that storytelling being available for people to understand how the product and service can solve their problems successfully.

And that’s how you do brand storytelling on a website.

Talk to us today about telling your brand story.

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