Head of Content

Lani Fouche

My job within Brilliant Digital is simple – to tell stories. Wonderful stories of dynamic people, the fruits of their hard work and why they’re the absolute best at what they do.

I have a knack for words and using them effectively so that these talented people – our clients – are known to their audience, and highly visible on the web.

As Head of Content, I’m passionate about steering our team of extraordinary writers into areas that stretch their creativity on a daily basis.

When you’ve got a team of the best, industry experienced writers on your side, you can rest assured that the right messages will reach the right people, at the right time.

Background in Media

My solid media background in journalism (crime reporting) and later as a magazine editor has equipped me to put into concise words the magic that makes people – and ultimately their businesses – unique.

I’ve worked with clients wanting to talk to their audience through different media platforms for many years. A trusting relationship between me and each one of my clients has always been key to create effective and spot-on content campaigns for them and their businesses.

Somewhat of an Academic

Completing a Master’s Degree in Media and Communications has taught me the value of meaningful research.

At Brilliant Digital, our team of content writers take the importance of high quality research very seriously, but we have serious fun along the way, too.

Our clients trust us to suss out every single detail of their businesses and customers in order for us to develop the perfect brand on content style for them.

We’re experienced in the art of keyword research, too, which is not just another buzzword. It’s something that could really catapult your website and Search Engine Optimisation to new heights.

Nature Child, Wife and Mum

Further to my career in the world of words, I thrive in my “career” as a boy-mum. My two little guys, aged 3 and 5, keep me on my toes and have taught me how to stop, take my shoes off, play in the dirt and laugh at jokes about poo.

My husband is a clever Digital Engineer. As a family, we love to explore the beauty that Australia and much of its unspoilt nature has to offer.

We’re hardcore campers, 4×4 enthusiasts and campfire-smores experts. Give us a river, stream or lake and we’ll jump right in – the colder the better! (OK, warmer water is actually nice, too.)

It’s within the tranquility of the bushes where I recharge my batteries and find inspiration to fuel my creativity.

Working for a company that values this type of work-life balance enables me to keep all my cups full and do everything that I love.

Meet the rest of our team of digital marketing experts.

The value of digital storytelling, the Brilliant way

Think about the last time you presented to a business audience. Did they connect with the figures on your PowerPoint or with the story you told behind the figures? Digital storytelling will reap you results.

Understanding effective content marketing

Content marketing is the creation and sharing of content to acquire customers. Although it’s been an effective marketing strategy for more than a century, the internet has given content a much larger role.

Strategic approach to digital marketing success

The marketing options for your business are endless. You need a digital marketing partner who can work your brand hard to deliver sustained brand growth for the long term. And that’s what we deliver.

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