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Hi, I’m Jo-Lise Finn. I work for Brilliant Digital as a storyteller, writing content for new website builds.

I worked for 20 years in television as a writer, editor and producer for on-air promos. I wrote long and short form material, ads and all kinds of creative content between shows.

I loved it – but it wasn’t very compatible with having kids. If things needed to be on-air, if there was a deadline, they had to be delivered. But if I had a sick child at home, it was a struggle to be in two places at once. So I had a bit of a career rethink and it led me to Brilliant Digital.

TV language is very active. You learn to speak directly and tell a story, which has served me well writing digital content. The active voice and the sell in a story are a perfect fit — the stories I write for our clients are essentially movie trailers for their business!

The power of storytelling

One of the key problems that our clients face is that they don’t have the time to manage their digital marketing. And they don’t have the expertise – they don’t know what they don’t know.

At Brilliant Digital we’re expert storytellers. We come in and work with the client to understand the customer story, the business story, the brand story … we narrow their focus and provide them with a good solution to telling those stories.

Storytelling works well because it’s powerful. People need to connect emotionally with people and to businesses and to brands. If we can achieve that we’ve done our job.

A sense of pride

When I get a great outcome for a client it really does make me smile – I have a tremendous sense of pride.

I work on new builds. So for a customer who had a previous website that wasn’t performing, who had little or no expectations of what they could achieve … when we start getting results from the analytics and genuine leads start coming in, it’s just great.

In my spare time, I enjoy travelling and I love the beach. I coach my daughters’ netball teams, play piano, drums and guitar and I also sing. You’ll often catch me indulging in my favourite True Crime podcasts!

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