Jo-Lise Finn, Chief Content Officer

I am a firm believer that all content, be it a website, blog, ad or story needs to take you on a journey.

As Chief Content Officer, my job is similar to that of a musical conductor.

Each piece of writing has its verses, chorus, and of course the bridge, and it’s so rewarding to manage that journey and see the content come to life and bring tangible results for our clients.

Each instance of Brilliant Digital content has manifold layers. It takes many hands – writers, editors, designers, coders, production – everyone has their harmony to add. My job is to unify everyone’s work to ensure each piece is precisely on brand and adds an essential element to our strategy. I make sure nothing leaves our hands without exactly the right look and feel.

My background is in television. I worked across multiple channels, doing everything from writing, to project management, to producing and directing. Here at Brilliant Digital I can take the creativity that I loved in TV, mix it with the fun of technology and add a huge dose of flexibility. I can be fully present for my kids and still enjoy using my strengths and gifts to help run a fabulous company.

There are loads of things I enjoy about working with Brilliant Digital. Most of all I love delivering the results. Delivering above and beyond what our customers expect. I really delight in presenting our work for the first time and seeing our clients excited about what we’ve built.

I’m fortunate to have a team who are like minded – we all get our buzz from achieving MORE. We set our goals with our clients, and then we go and blow them away, just because we can. Each new build becomes the new benchmark, and it’s our goal to continually do bigger and better.

My team are all perfectionists and constantly looking for those magical ‘what-if’ moments … This enables us to do amazing things, to continually out-perform, out-build and out-last our competitors, leading to exceptional results for our clients. Our storytellers are brilliant wordsmiths and are gifted at finding the unique stories that set our clients apart and resonate with their customers.

I really do love what I do and coming to work is an absolute pleasure. I am someone who needs to use my brain every day. I could never be happy doing the same thing day in, day out. I need to feel I’m learning, that each day I am a step further than I was the day before.

I love creating and innovating, and I love technology. Ours is an exciting field that never stands still. Our industry is still so young. It’s constantly evolving so there is always something new to learn. We use tech that didn’t even exist a year ago, and I find that so rewarding. The more we discover, the more we can achieve for our clients.

One of my values for myself and my family is doing the right thing. Even when it’s hard. I am so privileged to be able to carry that through to my work and even through to my team. We all believe in doing what’s right for our clients, no matter what. The sacrifice is always worth it, and to have the freedom to work with personal integrity is priceless.

What excites me is seeing people do well. Whether it’s my family, my team or our clients. I get emotionally invested in our clients and their futures – we all do – and seeing them do well because of what we’ve created is the best feeling. Seeing my team grow in confidence and skill as they step out into the new opportunities that life with Brilliant Digital always brings, that excites me.

There’s no glass ceiling at Brilliant Digital. If you can dream it, you can have it. The team will support you and celebrate your wins because that’s what we are about.

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