Jo-Lise Finn, Head of Content

A rich tapestry of variety

As Head of Content, I manage the content team of writers/storytellers and editors – all the fun ‘creative’ types.

Each day is varied, but always challenging and creative.

We’re lucky to work with a wide range of different businesses, across completely different industries.

It’s not uncommon to have a meeting with a manufacturing company, then meet the owner of an emerging wine bar, followed by a financial planning business.

They all have similar needs – they need a marketing solution and someone to tell their story.

They need someone who can write that story and have people connect to it. That’s what it’s about – connection. It’s like a movie trailer for their business!

The power of storytelling

One of the key problems that our clients face is that they don’t have the time to manage their digital marketing. And they don’t have the expertise – they don’t know what they don’t know.

At Brilliant Digital, we’re expert storytellers. We come in and work with the client to understand the customer story, the business story, the brand story.

A beautifully written story is like a great song. It takes you on a journey. The pieces need to be in the right place: verse, chorus, bridge, crescendo … and leave you feeling like you want to read it all over again.

From TV to the world of digital

I worked for 20 years in television as a writer, promo producer, editor and director. I worked in Australia, Ireland and the UK. I’ve worked on all kinds of projects ranging from project managing documentaries, to 64 episodes of The Teletubbies.

My favourite career memory would be trying to get a crew onto a helicopter in Syria while being chased by the Taliban… And a career highlight would be winning a Promax Award for Best Current Affairs campaign.

I started, ran and sold a business with my brother in law, called CleverStuff. I ran the day to day business side and developed the website, social channels and content stream.

It was an incredible learning curve as owner and creator, and a wonderful introduction into the digital world. This was where I realised what a natural crossover it was and that I needed to upskill.

Brilliant Digital is the perfect job

Brilliant Digital was and is a natural stepping stone for my skills. Although my experience has been so varied in a creative capacity, what I really wanted to do was write. The supportive environment was important, and I wanted to learn as much as I could.

Flexibility was important. With three children, two dogs and an Irish husband, life was hectic and full on, and I needed to somehow be able to integrate working, satisfying my creative brain and managing my family. Oh, and I needed to get to the gym, too. So, I really was looking for something that worked for my family.

Satisfaction in customer’s success

It really is pure joy to see how a great website and engaging digital marketing can cut through and expand a business’s reach.

When you find and create that key messaging that cuts through the noise and helps the customer achieve their goals, that’s absolute gold. It’s what we all strive for. And so, seeing the metrics of a successful campaign or article or content strategy gives me a buzz every time.

The thrill never goes. I’m deeply invested in each client’s success and I love the journey to a terrific outcome.

Brilliant Digital values

Everyone at BD is supportive, inclusive, respectful. If you’re doing a good job, it’s acknowledged. There’s a lot of training around accountability which is a big part of the job.

We care deeply for our values, particularly Family First. This business is surrounded by people who respect the Brilliant values and you see that in all of our interactions. It’s a real strength.

I work very closely with Deb and Hayley and the storytelling team. We do work remotely, but there’s a strong united culture. We get together daily, digitally, so we can share our day, any challenges we may have and celebrate any news or wins.

What I’m proud of

Nurturing relationships with the team, helping to continue what Deb has built, managing and maintaining solid relationships with our clients and delivering on a promise.

On a practical level, working on brand strategy, writing website content and executing a marketing plan and seeing it deliver leads and a future for a business are things I’m very proud of.

When I’m not at Brilliant Digital

I like swimming, music, netball and the social aspect of going to the gym, just not the hard workout stuff. I seriously love true crime, and consume books, shows and podcasts about mass murderers, serial killers and gruesome crimes. It’s perhaps more an obsession than a hobby!

I have three teenagers, which means my second job is an unpaid Uber driver… and an understocked ATM. And despite early indicators, I have somehow become a decent chef, though I’m sure my teens would disagree.

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