Jim Vass - CFO

Hi, I’m Jim Vass and I’m the Chief Financial Officer at Brilliant Digital.

I like to help people achieve what they believe is impossible … especially in small business.

After leaving school, I enrolled in an accounting course, and I realised accountancy was a great foundation for being able to go forward into any business you wanted … so I went on to study accountancy at university.

My role as CFO is to help Brilliant Digital stay on top of financial requirements. That includes tax compliance, payroll, bookkeeping, accounting, reporting and cash flow.

Accountancy is not just about how much tax you have to pay… it’s about adding value to our clients’ businesses and their lives.

Looking out for the future

I work with Deb to understand how what she’s doing today will deliver financial outcomes tomorrow. By managing every aspect of the business’s finances, I can leave Deb free to concentrate on doing what she does best.

It’s incredibly satisfying to see a client succeed … to set up goals and opportunities and see those prosper.

It’s not just numbers. Looking at how we can improve our own business and improve our clients’ businesses is why I get up in the morning.

A perfect alignment

I have a passion for motorbikes …

I like to do a couple of road trips a year … go off the beaten track.

It gives me a different perspective on life – and great clarity.

I also like to participate in events to raise money for cancer research. In September 2017 I completed the Kokoda Trail to aid pancreatic cancer research.

Honesty is the cornerstone of my value system. Honesty – and finding the balance between work and family, which is in perfect alignment with the ethos at Brilliant Digital – family comes first.

I don’t take life too seriously and can often be found stirring up some light-hearted trouble in the office or with my family and friends.

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