Jan Giffen, Client Manager

Above and beyond. When I’ve delivered that, and my client is blown away, that’s when I know I’ve done a good job. I like to work hard and I’m very results driven. I love to challenge myself. Tight deadlines and high expectations act like fuel for my mind.

I enjoy lifting the bar and discovering what else is possible. I can’t imagine ever being happy in a job where you do the same thing on repeat each day. I need to use my brain.

Choosing Brilliant Digital

I come from a background of health and leisure. I have 20 years’ experience across customer service, facilities management and marketing. I realised that my favourite parts of my industry were the people and the marketing. And that’s why I chose Brilliant Digital – they have a great reputation for both.

Science and intuition

I love both the science and the intuitiveness of marketing. There is so much ineffective noise out there. It’s like thousands of discordant bells clanging for our attention from the moment we wake up.

A great marketing campaign has the ability to cut right through all the noise and get straight to the heart of what our client is about. A brilliant marketing campaign has a single, clear sound of truth. When you hear it, you know you’ve got it right. Those are the best moments, when I know I’ve hit on a winner for my client.

While I enjoy that intuitive part, I also really, really love my processes. A firm foundation and a sound plan are just as important for success. I need both the vision and the blueprints to do a truly great job.

The right choice

Joining the Brilliant Digital family was absolutely the right decision for me. The team has been incredibly supportive from the beginning. Nothing is ever too much trouble and people are always available to help if you need an extra set of eyes for a project.

A family business

I knew the company was family friendly and flexible, but it has surprised me how deeply that is entrenched in our culture. Brilliant Digital is literally built around family – we are a second-generation family business, where every team member is encouraged to put their family needs first, from day one.

Missing an important family event for the sake of work – well, you’d better have a very good reason, or you’ll be sent home!

Delivering on promises

The flexibility is real, too. Many companies boast of flexible hours, but precious few come through when it counts. And Brilliant Digital does. I have the freedom to study, pursue other interests and still work in a full-time role – that I love!

We genuinely want the best for our clients. We set the benchmark high when it comes to what we do. We only present ideas to our clients that we would want for our own business. We lead by example and that resonates strongly for me. We do everything we say we are going to do. Promises made to clients are sacrosanct.


Ironically, it’s because of all the freedom we enjoy that everyone is so loyal to Brilliant Digital. That work-life balance is ridiculously rare and therefore extremely precious. It means that when we are at work, we can be 100% engaged and push ourselves to get excellent results for our clients.

Amazing clients

As a client manager, I have the privilege of meeting with, and listening to, our clients. I enjoy discovering what each of our clients does, how they do it and why they do it their way.

I’m the liaison between my clients and their Brilliant Digital teams. Each client has a team of experts dedicated to building and maintaining their website and digital marketing strategy. My job is to make sure their dream website and ongoing digital marketing come together on time and on budget.

I make sure my clients get exactly what they want and that the process is smooth and drama-free.

Fully invested

I am someone who likes immersing myself completely in whatever I’m doing. I am fully invested in my clients and their futures. At Brilliant Digital I am part of a team that works with the same level of passion and dedication. It’s quite liberating to feel eager to get to work each day.

I get excited when I’m faced with a new challenge. Helping grow a business and finding new opportunities for my clients, that makes a great day for me. I like achieving the impossible and pushing past what’s expected.

Life is good

I spend a lot of my free time in the water. I love anything water related – swimming, snorkelling, jet skis, boats, fishing, you name it. I also have two water-loving dogs who are always part of the action.

More than anything, I enjoy being with my family and my friends. These relationships are very important to me. Spending time with the people I love is the most rejuvenating thing I know.

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We are in this business for the long haul... and that's how we view our relationships with our clients. We build a website as a solid foundation, then we partner with them to grow their digital footprint. And our results speak for themselves.

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Water Filters Australia

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