Head of Marketing

Jan Giffen

Somewhat of a marketing unicorn

For someone with a strong foundation in business and systematic marketing, I still often surprise myself with the amount of creativity that goes into my work.

And I love it!

You see, there’s no textbook explanation that tells me exactly how to achieve digital marketing success for our clients, nor is there a one size fits all solution. But what we do have here at Brilliant Digital is a proven process, developed over many years, that will drive a client’s marketing dollar further and see them kicking goals in the digital space with solid, strategic thinking.

As Head of Marketing, I stay across all moving parts of my clients’ digital marketing.

It’s from my varied career in marketing, management and advertising that I can now apply the most valuable skills I’ve gained from my previous experience to find the best solutions for my clients at Brilliant Digital.

And when I put on my marketing hat, I really get into my creative zone. Looking after the digital advertising of all our clients at Brilliant Digital, I work hard to truly understand our clients’ needs, get their digital marketing strategies firing and push their websites into the marketplace.

I add fire to the engine by creating and optimising Google ads for their specific brands… including display ads, retargeting campaigns, native advertising and strong social media strategies.

Making each dollar count

For years, it’s been my objective to make each of my client’s dollars stretch as far as it can in the digital space. I’ve learnt a great deal about the science behind it, but also the art of instantly activating my creative brain to reach a custom solution for each client.

When it’s time to show my clients the incredible results of their tailored digital marketing campaigns, I smile from ear to ear each time, and so do they! I’ve heard “Jan, I never expected so many inquiries or purchases so quickly!” many times… and it never gets old.

And to make sure we keep building on that success, it’s my job to direct the spend through the right channels, even as Google and user behaviour change. That’s why I make sure to optimise my clients’ advertising every two weeks.

A true passion alignment

Way back, my career kicked off in the health and fitness industry. I grew and developed my marketing and management skills within the same industry… which taught me out-of-the-box thinking, problem solving and resilience.

Working within one of the biggest Australasian fitness and leisure companies in Australia, I learnt a great deal about marketing at local, national and international levels.

Although my official university qualifications are in business, not marketing, I found that marketing was something I was accidentally good at. And I believe it puts me in a great position to implement holistic, strategic thinking… while remaining open and honest with all my clients.

I’m in such a happy place in my career right now. And the best thing about my job at Brilliant Digital is realising every day that… you never know everything. There’s always something new to learn and multiple ways to achieve the same thing.

The marketing space is fluid and dynamic. Sometimes – no, actually a lot of the time – it doesn’t match what the textbooks say. It’s up to me and my unique expertise to find the best solution… a responsibility I don’t take lightly.

Making the most of life

I spend a lot of my free time in the water. I love anything water related – swimming, snorkelling, jet skis, boats, fishing, you name it. I also have two water-loving dogs who are always part of the action.
More than anything, I enjoy being with my family and my friends. These relationships are very important to me. Spending time with the people I love is the most rejuvenating thing I know.

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