Is Website Ranking the Ultimate Goal?

Is website ranking the ultimate goal? Or is it just part of the picture?

Let’s start with a few questions…

What does a good website ranking mean?

To most people it means being high up on page one of Google. So for a smash repair shop in Dee Why you might be happy to be on page one if someone types in ‘smash repairs dee why’

But are you also on page on for car mechanic and clutch repairs? What about car re-sprays? And what about a long tail search like ‘I need a reliable panel beater?’

What happens if you rely on ranking for one or 2 keywords and Google changes it’s algorithms and you drop off the front page?

Hmmmm… you had all your eggs in one basket!

The solution to widening the net and spreading your eggs across numerous baskets is hard work. You need to create more quality, optimised web content. It’s hard work but look at it as a long term investment in your business.

Here’s something else to consider.

Website ranking is just one piece of the pie

Just because your website is on page one does it mean people visit it? What’s your conversion rate of impressions to clicks? Do your headlines entice Internet surfers to click through to your website?

The title of your page (in the head section) is really important because this is what shows at the top of the Google listing. Enticing title tags will improve your click through rates enormously.

Take time to combine the page keyword with a couple of clever words which represent your point of difference and you’re on your way to an awesome headline.

And when the Internet Surfer lands on your site?

So you’ve got the Google listing, you’ve got the Internet surfer to click through to your website. What next?

Do they stay on your website? Do they click into your site and browse your products and services? Do they easily find your phone number and call you?

Or do they hit the back button because your website is uninspiring, cluttered and difficult to navigate?

The best SEO result come from combining SEO with Internet Marketing. In today’s world you can’t just concentrate on website rankings, you have to

  • 1. get the click and then
  • 2. convert the click.

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