Internet Marketing for Our 4 Screen World

Whether it’s the TV, the PC, a Tablet or a Mobile Phone, we’re moving between screens all day. In fact, we’re often using more than one at a time!

If you’re watching TV, curiosity leads you to the web. You grab your tablet and run a search. While you’re doing this, a message comes through on your phone. At the same time your kids are upstairs learning their ABC’s on the PC.

Websites for a 4 Screen World

Your main website is specifically designed for screens laptop size and above. Chances are there is a lot of detailed and useful information on your main site visitors navigate to using menus. This detailed information gives people the chance to read as much about your business as they want to. This web content is also great for helping your site to rank well with the search engines.

Your mobile website is a pared down version of your main site. People are looking for basic information like ‘where are you located?’ and ‘how do I contact you?’ They not going to read reams and reams of information on their mobile. And they are not going to use traditional navigation menus.

So if a significant percentage of your visitors look at your site on a mobile. Or if a significant number of monthly searches for businesses like yours are on a mobile… you need a separate mobile site to market effectively to that traffic.

Reactive websites which change depending on the screen you are on are very clever but currently costly to develop.

The Right Internet Marketing Mix Today

The good news is that the 4 screen world offers you heaps of opportunities to tell the world about your business.

TV no longer has our full attention.

According to Google, 77% of viewers are using another device while watching the box and Smartphone’s are the backbone of our daily media interactions.

90% of media interactions are screen based. In Marketing terms, this means getting the Marketing Mix right. You must be everywhere but only if your promotions are integrated. This means you have to adopt a coordinated approach to your digital marketing.

For example you might write detailed copy on your main website, condense it to bullet points on your mobile site and offer a clever, light-hearted spin on the information on your social channels.

Planning your Internet Marketing

Marketing Planning takes time and effort. Don’t fall into the pitfalls of just being seen for the sake of being seen.
Here are a few tips to help you get it right:

  • If you’re advertising on TV or radio, you must be on the first screen of Search for your company name
  • Online campaigns must link straight to the promotion (not to your home page)
  • Your Google+ page should be much more than just your name and address. Offer photos, opening hours and an optimised description of your business and make sure the page is correctly linked to your website.
  • Facebook and other social media pages need to be up to the minute. Constantly change the content and interact with your customers when they post on your page.

Happy Marketing!

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