Integrated Software Solutions

Market-led, people-focused

Every successful business in today’s digital world makes significant investments in software. This is non-negotiable. However, business owners often find the vast choice of off-the-shelf and custom solutions confusing, difficult to navigate and expensive if they make a poor choice.

The best returns in terms of top-line growth and increased efficiency come from software solutions that are market-led, people-focused and seamlessly integrated through the entire business. Brilliant Digital is a proud partner in software solution delivery for many of our long-term clients.

ERP Integrations

Enter product data once
Seamless website integration

Booking Systems

Powerful integrated software
to manage bookings

App Development

A powerful interface
for your customer base

Website - ERP Integrations

So, here’s the dream.

Your wonderful ERP system is the beating heart of your business. You and your team love the system because it’s a joy to use and automates so many time-consuming business processes.

Product data only ever has to be entered once in the ERP (or even better, it flows through from suppliers). And any changes you make to that product data seamlessly flow to your website.

Your website is the powerful cornerstone of your digital brand. You are super proud of it.

Existing and potential customers can easily find everything they are looking for and go on a seamless journey from the home page to purchasing or viewing their recent history in the client portal.

So, is the dream possible? It is if you know how.

See what’s possible with a Brilliant ERP Integration.

Booking system software

The perfect booking system software integrates seamlessly with your website. It gives your customers a fabulous and intuitive experience as they navigate options and confirm on their phone, tablet or desktop.

It then communicates with your operating system and allows your team to manage the booking and the customer easily from anywhere.

It generates the reports you need for management and accounting at the touch of a button. And it’s┬árobust and future-proof and can expand and change as your business grows and transforms or as software solutions become more advanced.

The trick to building a system like this is to understand your market and your business and then combine this knowledge with a deep understanding of custom and off the shelf solutions and the ability to manage technical teams and projects.

Brilliant integrated software solutions:

  • Seamless website integration
  • Market-led
  • Powerful tool for your sales team
  • Increased operational efficiency
  • Intuitive for internal teams
  • Useful management reports
  • Robust and secure
  • Flexible and future-proof
  • Seamless business flow

App Development

A custom-built app is a great way to bond your client base to you by providing them with an interface they absolutely love.

As an example, think about your banking app. Many customers stay loyal to their bank simply because they love the app. Products and services matter way less to them – convenience is king. That’s one powerful marketing tool!

Successful app development requires a deep understanding of your customers’ needs and solves problems for them. Successful apps are firmly market focused.

For example, a booking system might initially be developed as a responsive website. Once all the processes are clearly worked out, and the best-fit solution is clear, an app will provide a powerful next-level customer interface.

Learn more about how we approach app development at Brilliant Digital

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