Inform or Entertain your Online Audience?

The early days of marketing your business online were pretty straightforward. The only digital currency of any real value for business was information.

For example a mortgage broker could simply provide useful and relevant information about home loans and some free mortgage calculators on her website.

Prospects who asked Google about a recent change in home loan rates would find the information they were looking for on our mortgage brokers website. They would be delighted that she also had free home loan calculators and would check out her business and personal story.

Finally they would give her a call with a good feeling good about her business.


And does that still work?

It depends…

If you’re in the right industry and geographic location then yes it does.

For example if you’re an accountant or lawyer in Australia you’re lucky. You’re in an industry (and country) that have overall been slow to get their act together online… so you don’t need to write a huge amount of content to get great traction using information as a tool.

But if you’re a mortgage broker in 2016 you’re up against some really big guns in a very competitive industry… and you simply won’t be able to write enough information to make any kind of dent in free Google search.

So what else do you try?

The emerging currency of entertainment

In 2004 the online world changed forever when Mark Zuckerberg and his mates invented Facebook. And Facebook’s currency is entertainment.

While Google looks to send you to websites that contain great information… Facebook’s mission is to keep you on the platform by entertaining you.

Facebook decides what entertains you by measuring what you ‘Like’, comment on or click on.

And then it feeds you back the things you like most at the top of your newsfeed.

I know that some of you are thinking… this doesn’t apply to me because I’m a professional and my target are not looking for me on Facebook…

My response…


Everyone is on Facebook. Every day.

As I write this blog there are 1.65 billion monthly active users on Facebook. The number of users increases by 15% every year.

Your market may be wealthy 65 year olds… but they are on Facebook every day checking out photos of their Grandkids.

And right now Facebook has awesome opportunities for mortgage brokers and other industries who can’t get traction through Google… but you’ve got to know the language…

Entertain me

How do you tap into the power of Facebook?

You still need a website to tell your story and make visitors want to do business with you… then you use Facebook to drive traffic to your website.

To get Facebook users attention and get them to click through to your website you have to entertain them.

Your post must include an image. If it’s a stock photo it’s got to be a quirky up to the minute image that stops them in their tracks. A great quality image of something happening in your business is the trump card if you have it.

Learn to write funny engaging headlines and descriptions using the language of Facebook. Make your audience smile, laugh or think… Cut extra words and use strong, active language.

It’s a bit of a learning curve if you didn’t grow up with Facebook…  but there’s help out there… when I get the language wrong… my 17 year old daughter smiles and gently points me in the right direction!

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