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Relentless digital change

The digital transformation in the manufacturing and industrial sector is accelerating relentlessly. Businesses simply have to adapt if they are to successfully speak to their audience and streamline their processes.

Take, for example, the research habits of young professionals in engineering, manufacturing and industrial companies.

Rather than relying on existing networks, today’s engineer researches solutions online and contacts the company they feel will best solve their problem.

Clearly, businesses that invest in a robust digital strategy, appear in the search results and provide key information reap the rewards.

Those that don’t get left behind.

We are proud of the long-term partnerships we have built with a wide range of manufacturing and industrial clients to expand their reach, educate their market, streamline internal processes and ultimately grow their top and bottom lines.

Deep understanding

Through years of working in this sector, we have developed a deep understanding of the unique challenges you face, the typical problems you solve for your market and how to effectively communicate your value to your target audience.

We have the expertise to develop a digital brand for you that is consistent and memorable.

Through our strategic process, many of our manufacturing and industrial clients have extended their reach to national and global markets.

“In the space of a few years, we’ve stopped just selling to people in Sydney and we’ve started selling to people all across the country, which is fantastic.” (Hugh Edmunds, Edcon CEO).

Strategic expertise

Finding experts in digital business solutions who have a deep understanding of the manufacturing and industrial sector and its complex moving parts can be challenging.

Unfortunately, the digital solutions industry is filled with self-proclaimed ‘experts’ who turn out to have limited sector experience and no track record of sustained results.

Many businesses in the manufacturing and industrial sector have come to us with websites that are too technical and don’t connect well with their market.

We have the strategic capability to develop a future-proof, tailored, digital strategy that focuses on your market and seamlessly flows into your multiple business operating systems.

Our content producers are exceptionally skilled at producing compelling, search engine optimised content to elevate your digital brand. We do this through the rare and powerful art of brand storytelling and value articulation.

Our strategic digital business solutions such as brand strategy, website design, digital marketing and ERP integration all work together to deliver sustained top line growth for your business and increase operational efficiency.

How we help you

First, we discover your brand and get to the core of your business. Where possible, we conduct an on-site visit to your facility and seek to truly understand your processes, software systems and your business direction.

From there we create a strategic roadmap to capitalise on the perfect mix of digital marketing solutions that will grow your top line and bring sustained results for your business.

We build you a website that incorporates a strategic brand strategy and builds trust among your audience. Our content producers are masters at the craft of synthesising complex information and offering it to your readers in a format that makes sense to less technical customers.

Once your digital brand is cemented, we implement a custom digital marketing strategy that aligns with your business goals.

Our detailed data analysis and continuous reporting then allow you to make strategic business decisions based on concrete facts.

We know that you most likely make use of complex systems for sales, inventory management, administration and product information capturing.

We can work with you to choose software solutions and ERP systems that are market-led and seamlessly integrate through your entire business for increased efficiency and top line growth.

“The ERP system is really powerful for us. It allows us to manage our own data and it puts it in a format that allows us to make quick changes in our system that translate straight out to the website…and straight to the market.” (Hugh Edmunds, Edcon CEO)

Partnering with you

We are incredibly proud of the long-term partnerships we have built with clients in the manufacturing and industrial sectors.

Our experts in digital marketing, content creation and SEO work continuously behind the scenes to increase your digital reach and create content that builds trust between you and your customers.

By placing your industrial and manufacturing digital brand in our capable hands, you can continue running your business while we strategically manage your marketing and deliver long-term sustained growth.

“The team at Brilliant Digital is very professional. They know exactly what they are doing. The team has been instrumental in helping me drive the vision of what I had in my head for the business, onto the site.” (Romar CEO, Alan Lipman)

Are you ready to work with us on achieving a tailored digital business solution to grow your digital brand? Contact us today.

Our manufacturing & industrial clients

Over the years, our clients in this sector have seen tremendous business growth as a result of our robust digital marketing, websites and software solutions. View our work for our manufacturing and industrial clients here.

Strategic digital marketing and ERP integration

Through Brilliant Digital’s strategic digital marketing and custom-built website with ERP integration, Edcon Steel doubled its online sales in one year and became Australia’s most comprehensive online steel and metal superstore.

Strategic digital marketing for a B2B distribution company

It’s been several years since our journey to digital marketing solutions for B2B distribution company, Optical Solutions Australia, started.  Since then, they’ve enjoyed qualified leads, sustained business growth and extraordinary results.

Access to a global market for manufacturing company Romar

Our team has transformed the digital marketing for manufacturing company, Romar. The website has a strong brand message that helps the business to attract the right type of customer… and the results for Romar have been phenomenal.

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