How to Write Killer Sales Pages on Your Website

Make no bones… writing sales pages for your website is a high value activity.


Here’s a simple example:

A page about small business accounting on one of our client’s websites delivers on average 1 great new client per week.

What’s the value of a business client to an accountant? Let’s conservatively say $5k per year.

So that sales page which has delivered 50 clients per year for the past 3 years has generated $750k worth of business based on the first year spend of the client alone.

And you can see why I say that writing sales pages for your website is high value activity and worth taking time and effort with.

So what are the key elements to a killer sales page?

Customer Story

You must know your customer story inside out.

You must understand the problems they face in their day to day lives that you can help with.

So for example for us at Brilliant Digital the 3 main problems our market of medium business owners face with digital marketing are:

1. They struggle to get high quality leads at an affordable cost;

2. They do not have time or the skills to add digital marketing to their daily tasks;
3. They are ready to invest but confused about the endless conflicting noise about what works and what doesn’t in digital marketing. They have often been burned by a previous poor experience.

If you don’t know the top 3 problems your market faces, I suggest you find out before you even consider hiring someone to write a single word.

Product Story

Once you are clear about the top 3 problems your market faces, next think about the solutions your product or service delivers for your market. So for example our system delivers:

1. A steady stream of qualified, educated leads with a measured return on investment;
2. A complete, end-to-end, done-for-you digital marketing solution;
3. A measured return on investment that ensures our services are an asset not an expense.

Weave a rich tale

The next stage is to weave the customer story and the product story together into a rich and inviting tale that the prospect wants to engage with.

So a section of sales copy might look a bit like this:

“Many of our clients have had challenging experiences where their previous agency left them to write their own content or employed an inexperienced writer who didn’t know how to craft content that delivers leads. The resultant website didn’t reflect the company and didn’t deliver results.

We have years of experience and a proven track record of creating core content that gets our clients the leads they want. Our team of writers are skilled wordsmiths with extensive experience. We give them specialist additional training at Brilliant Digital to write for digital media.

The result is killer content that engages with visitors, filters out prospects who don’t fit the business model and delivers a steady flow of ideal clients. And man does that transform a business!”

This copy addresses the client’s needs by interweaving the skill set with the product that solves their problem.

A few extra storytelling tools…

Now add some extra clout by using a few more clever storytelling tools.

A trust story is a great one. The classic is ‘I did this for myself first to solve a problem and then I created the business because I wanted to help other people’.

Think James Dyson and his vacuum cleaners.

A New Idea Concept

Testimonials are OK but detailed case studies are better. A real and genuine story about how you took a prospect from a point A to point B is golden. Even better if it contains numbers to back it up. Here are a few examples.

Another clever tool is to manage objections in your sales copy. The classic objection we get at Brilliant Digital is that our costs for ongoing marketing are similar to employing someone in house. But of course it takes at least 6 different skill-sets to deliver our solution – skills that no one person has.

This content deals with the objection up front.

“Once you have a core platform that reliably converts to educated leads, you need to connect and reconnect with your market until they are ready to buy.

“Many of our clients have tried to do this marketing work in-house and quickly realised they are unable to find anyone with the multiple skill-sets required to deliver a result.

Our multi-skilled team of strategists, designers, writers, programmers, search specialists, digital advertising specialists and social media experts achieve rapid business growth for our clients.”

Saves a lot of time in sales conversations.

Now all you need are some great images, a great design and a call to action and your killer sales page is ready to launch!

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