How to Use Long Tail Keywords to Get More Leads

The long tail of the Internet is incredibly powerful. I’ve seen time and time again at Brilliant Blue that long tail keywords are a consistent path to successful SEO.

Today’s web surfers know that if they want specific and detailed information they need to type in a longer phrase rather than just a couple of words.

So instead of typing in ‘internet Marketing’ they might type ‘Internet marketing strategies for small business’.

If you have a page on your website about web marketing for small business…

1. it’s relatively easy to be number one for that term and

2. you stand a really good chance of seriously impressing your visitor because you’ve given them a page of information on exactly the subject they asked for.

And of course an impressed visitor is much more likely to browse around your site and fill in your email enquiry form.

And Google thinks you are great because the surfer spent lots of time on your website.

Is targeting long tail keywords worth the effort?

Many people wonder if it’s worth the investment of writing pages of information about keywords that only a handful of people search for each day.

I can tell you that the investment pays you back time and time again. Here’s why…

  • For many of the websites we manage long tail traffic outweighs traffic from high demand keywords even though we are also on the first page for the high demand ones.
  • Long tail traffic is highly targeted, highly relevant and highly engaged.
  • Pages targeting the long tail are highly effective at warming up buyers and making conversion to sale easier.
  • Long tail traffic is stable – your risk is spread across Google – if the algorithm changes or one of your main pages gets dropped your traffic figures won’t change.
  • Great results in the long tail have the effect of slowly but surely moving your whole website up the Google rankings.
  • As you write your pages targeting low demand keywords you notice slowly but surely that the rankings for your pages targeting high demand keywords go up.
  • All of a sudden the snowball starts to roll and you find yourself on page on for more and more of the high demand keywords.

Combine this with your long tail traffic and you have one powerful website!

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