How to Get Website Visitors to Read Your Content

Boring Ends Here

You’ve got a lot to say about your business.

It takes a lot of words to explain to prospects how you deliver your services and why you’re different from everyone else.

So how do you explain your services in detail on your website?… After all digital audiences have the attention span of a gnat and won’t read large amounts of text.

Or will they?

Getting website visitors to read your content

Website visitors will read content they think might benefit them.

If they think you can solve their burning problems… they will read every page of your website… and if you say the right things… they will walk into your office informed, warmed up and ready to do business. 

So what’s the trick?

First you need to grab them. Catchy headlines, great images and smart design go a long way to catching their attention.

Then you need to hold them.

The first few lines under any headline have to be interesting, compelling, filled with passion and contain the guts of what you are trying to say. Put the important stuff at the top – otherwise they will leave.

Then before you go into boring detail like features of how you deliver your service… make sure you include some emotion. Some passion.

Talk about why you’re excited to be doing the work you do. Mention the fact that you enjoy working with clients to help them achieve their goal.

Be strong, active and positive. Wishy washy won’t cut it!

Break up your text

Our general rule at Brilliant Blue is no more than 4 lines per paragraph. So hit the return key more often than you would if you were writing for a brochure or letter. Your visitors will not tackle long chunks of text.

Headings and subheadings allow your reader to scroll through to the section they are interested in and skip bits they’re not.

  • Bullets are great
  • the moment
  • you feel
  • you’re writing a list
  • bullet it.

Talk to me not at me

When I land on your website I need to feel like you have written the text just for me. So talk to me using ‘you’ not ‘they’.

Imagine your best customer in your head and write as if you are talking to him or her. You’re goal is to communicate and inform. To help your visitor with their problem. To help them down the path to your business.

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