Small Business Owner's Guide to Building Trust Through your Website

If you’re a successful small business owner you know how to build trust when you meet a potential client face to face.

You know that relaxed, open body language, making eye contact and a smile go a long way to making a great first impression. You know when to talk about your spring promotion and when to back off and give your customer time and space. You learned this through years of experience of making (and not making) sales.

Then suddenly the ballpark changes…

The front door to your business is no longer the one you walk through in the morning. The new gateway to your business is the home page of your website… and you can’t greet every potential customer in person.

How on earth do you build enough trust to convert a casual internet surfer into a paying customer without even meeting them?

Here are the cornerstones of building trust through your website

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1. Great Website Design

If your business premises is shabby and outdated I’ll go elsewhere. Same goes for your website.

Your website design has to be clean, professional and up to date. If it’s not I’m clicking the back button within the first 5 seconds. My daughter might give you 2 seconds…

Get some professional advice from a good web designer. That way you’ll know your design will appeal to me, your ideal client, and make me feel comfortable and at home when I’m looking at your site.

OK you’ve passed that test I’ll stay a little longer…

2. Smart planning centred around your customer

Remember I’m new and I don’t know your business or anything about you.

Tell me very quickly on the first screen what you do. Give me easy to find buttons directing me to more information about how you do what you do so I can read more if I want.

Make it easy for me to get in touch with you. Put a phone number at the top of every page. Make the number easy to click on my phone. Give me easy to find maps so I can see how far away you are.

3. Quality Website Development

Be sure your website works seamlessly on all platforms. I don’t want to pinch and grab at the text on my phone to try and make out the text. If you make me do this I think you don’t care about me.

Every link, every button every dropdown must work perfectly. And for goodness sake test your forms and make sure the emails come into your inbox!

4. Show me your face

Just like eye contact is vital in a face to face meeting… real images of you on your website are crucial. I want to see a picture of you and your team. If you just show me stock images I’m thinking you have something to hide.

And when I see your smiling face I’m thinking you look like someone I might start to trust…

5. Hit me with the words I want to hear

Get inside my head.

Think hard.

What is the biggest problem I might have that you can solve for me? What hope or dream can you make come true for me?

Think until your head hurts.

Then spell it out. Write great copy (or pay someone to do it) which clearly explains that you have the solution to my problem or that you can make my dream come true.

If you don’t write on the website that you specialise in helping people just like me – how can I possibly know that you’re just what I’m looking for?

Why Invest so much time and effort?

Are you thinking that this all seems just too hard? After all it’s just a website – you can’t even touch it or hold it in your hand. Why would you invest  so much time and effort into it?

The answer is clear.

A good website has the power to build trust in huge numbers of people for a relatively small investment of time and money. It can talk to 1000s of people each day and it works day and night.

No other business tool at your disposal can even come close to delivering the a similar return on investment. Not even in the ballpark.

Just ask the owners of businesses who’ve already done it…

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