How does storytelling shorten the sales cycle?

We know that storytelling is a powerful digital marketing tool. But did you know that done right, storytelling can shorten your sales cycle too? Deb Croucher Jeffreys explains more.

What are some of the typical sales problems businesses come to you with?

‘Wasting time talking to unqualified prospects is something I hear about a lot.

‘You have been going for coffees with people who could never afford to do business with you or who have problems you can’t solve. Or you’re seeing people who don’t understand the services that your company offers. This is not a productive use of anyone’s time.’

So how does storytelling help in this situation?

‘It comes down to what you have available in the digital space.

‘Do you have everything that a potential client needs to know to make the decision about whether to do business with you?

‘Digital platforms can have all your products laid out. And they can provide access to good information about what your company does.

‘And then the layer on top of that is your company’s history, which serves to build trust.

‘Why did the founders decide to run this business, what are the stories behind the teams..?’

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‘…You can present the passion you have for your business. And you can also use examples of the team working and producing results.

‘And then most importantly in that digital space, you have real stories from clients. These show clients who were in position A before they worked with your company, and then after using your product or service, they are in position B with a fantastic result.’

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‘When all that information is readily available to someone who can read it all at their leisure, they can decide whether your company is right for them.

‘If so, great. They are excited and want to do business with you. And if they don’t then that’s just as valuable too because if they’re not for you, they’re not for you.’

And you reduce the time spent qualifying prospects…

‘Exactly. They are a prospect that lands fully educated and qualified to do business with you.’

We love examples… Tell us an example of how the Brilliant Group has used storytelling to help a customer shorten their sales cycle

‘At Brilliant Digital we work with a couple of accounting firms.

‘Before they worked with us they were finding that their prospects weren’t prepared.

‘When they’d meet with a prospective client, even from a referral, they would often have to have several meetings to explain what they did and explain their services in order to get that person over the line…’

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‘…So the conversion rates were ok but not fantastic.

‘By working with those clients to create engaging digital stories, in the way I’ve described, we have been able to see fantastic results.

‘Creating all that great content and putting it in front of the right prospects up front means they get perfect clients contacting them.

‘And these clients are saying ’I’m ready to do business with you’ at that first appointment.

‘This is the same for referrals. They have already read through your information and are ready to go at that first appointment.’

So powerful storytelling gets you a fully educated, quality customer ready to talk to you straight away?

‘That’s exactly what you get!’

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