How do you choose a good SEO company?

You want to get your company’s website to the top of the search listings and have lined up a few SEO companies to interview.

In the vast majority of cases, good SEO is the highest ROI internet marketing strategy.

Many firms offer SEO, but how do you tell the good from the bad?

There are obvious warning signs, such as a lack of past customer testimonials and companies that offer results too good to be true: Like the tinkers who promised their snake oil would cure everything, some SEO companies will promise a quick fix, immediate amazing results, a guaranteed No.1 ranking position, and all for one low price!

As with your other providers, you want one that is professional and experienced, has transparent and ethical practices, and will view your website’s SEO as an ongoing relationship, not just a one-time job.

Here are some questions to ask to help you sort out the clued up from the clueless.

Question 1. What do you consider good content?

The No. 1 most important tool for effective SEO is good marketing content.

The good SEO company will talk about how good content consists of original, informative, engaging and relevant copy, photos and videos and careful, clever keyword use, all of which is regularly updated.

They will also recommend that your website features good copy on all of its pages, not just one page, as this will make your website turn up in more searches.

They will tell you that they link this content to your blog, your social media, external blogs, article sites and media releases to increase your search rankings and organic traffic figures.

Good content also develop relationships with prospective customers, increasing the conversion rate of your websites.

They may also discuss the use of more obscure niche words to catch more customers, often called long tail results.

The bad SEO company, which uses irrelevant, unoriginal copy, often illegally sourced from other sites, keyword-stuffs (see below) and never updates sites with new content has kept quiet -and may even be taking some notes.

Question 2: How do you use keywords?

For your website to get to the top of the Google search listings, it does need to be correctly structured around a smart keyword list. Keywords are the words customers use to find your website and some SEO companies think the more the better, stuffing your website with too many of the same keywords and irrelevant ones as well.

These irrelevant words don’t catch the right customers and this counterproductive tactic could result in your website being penalised by Google, who may relegate it to the bottom of listings or remove it altogether. If Google allowed irrelevant sites to rule the top of its rankings, it would lose effectiveness and therefore users.

Your website is a reflection of your business. Keyword stuffing and over-optimising strategies have the same result as an athlete taking performance enhancing substances: you may get great results at first but eventually you’ll lose.

Question 3. Describe your use of internal and external links

The bad SEO company has rushed out the door by now, mumbling something about an emergency back at the office, so relax into your chair and listen to the good one happily discuss this important part of your site.

Design is much more than how your web pages look. Another important element is how the pages link to each other and link to external sites. This helps your customers navigate your site and assists the Google web crawlers find and rank your site.

Also how an SEO company link builds is essential to your website’s reputation and search listing results.

Ethical link building is important. Backlinks or links from external sites can only be successful and beneficial when your site is linked to authority sites or reputable sites with higher rankings, so don’t be afraid to ask the SEO company where they will get links from, in particular, within your industry.

Question 4. Are you able to regularly update my website?

Ask the SEO company whether they are prepared to frequently service your site – to monitor it to keep it in the top rankings and update its content to keep it engaging and relevant to attract new customers and entice existing ones back.

A good SEO company should be able to offer you a comprehensive and effective content marketing strategy which includes a functional site with efficient links, great content, the right choice and frequency of keywords and ongoing service.

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