How storytelling helps you to reach global markets

What’s been really exciting and an unexpected change for some of our clients with small to medium businesses is the opportunity to reach global markets.

A lot of our clients grew their businesses in traditional ways before they met us… sales teams on the ground, cold calling, taking out an ad in a newspaper or magazine… all those lovely traditional ways to grow a business and get your brand out there, and connect with your prospects and customers.

But you had to then hope that someone who was interested in your product or service stumbled across your ad in the paper, or connected with what your sales team were offering.

The digital revolution

For a small to medium niche company looking to grow, these old methods are virtually impossible to apply to a global market.

You just can’t get the reach.

But when digital marketing came along, smart businesses jumped on and got their storytelling sorted…

…and all of a sudden they are getting enquiries from across the globe.

The power of Google search

This is not paid enquiry through ads – it’s Google Search.

For example, someone looking for a silicone manufacturer doesn’t need to be in Australia to do business with an Australian company…

They might be in the States or the UK… but our clients in Australia are niche businesses who can provide their service or product all around the globe.

Our clients are coming up in Google Search…

…they’re telling an interesting story about how they developed a system to solve a networking or manufacturing problem… and all of a sudden the global market opens up.

A cost effective solution

In today’s world, 80-90% of all buying decisions start online.

You can not hope to tackle those markets as effectively without digital marketing – and the annual cost is less than for a full-time salesperson.

And with a turnkey digital marketing strategy in place, what you’re doing every year is growing your digital footprint another notch and that collateral stays with you.

Increasing your digital footprint

Clients who have been with us for 10 years have got these incredible digital footprints, and they’re being found in searches from all over the globe for all kinds of different specialties.

In some cases these businesses may not want to work globally – so they can make friends with another dealer and can pass the lead on – there are so many options for what you can do with those leads.

It’s exciting ultimately that they are getting them, and that their businesses are able to move forward and be competitive on the global stage.

Capture your corner of the internet

Right now in 2018 not many businesses have got their act together – they are not harnessing digital marketing effectively to extend their global reach.

If you do want to expand your business globally, this is a massive opportunity to get going… get your digital footprint down and really set a place for yourself in the digital space.

It’s the moment to capture your corner of the internet as the authority for your particular niche… and grow your business exponentially.

It’s a wonderful time for your business to embrace digital marketing and storytelling – find out how it can work for your business.

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