Honing in…..target your customer directly

Nicola Elkington, BBIM Digital Marketing specialist believes in digging deep to get results.

Be Target Specific: Know who your ideal customer is, where they are spending their time online and what is getting their attention. It is as simple as that.

Honing in means presenting a personalised message from your business that speaks directly to your customers. In my role as Digital Marketing Manager, I constantly update the marketing content and campaigns to answer the current questions the customer is asking. And to find a client’s customers wherever they are currently online.

Follow these steps to engage the right customers...

1. Target your dream customer

You know the one – knows what he wants, has done his homework and really wants what you are selling. You can change who you do business with by changing who you are targeting.

Seeing the excitement of business owners as the quality of leads gets better is very rewarding. Customers that are hard work and waste your time won’t matter – you will be too busy servicing the magic many!

2. Get your story out there

Our amazing writers spend a lot of time ensuring that your website will work for you. By telling your story online and creating an atmosphere of trust, the first sales hurdles are already over before customers gets to the product information.

We see it time and again – by showing customers the depth of passion and commitment and the history of the business, a connection is formed. People buy from people, not websites.

Target Customer

3. Clear activity – no bumbling around

You need a plan based on key information recently gathered from multiple sources that will maximise any ad campaigns.

This is my favourite bit – working out what to say and where to place it. The trick is to move with the changes and attention of customers as they surf anywhere near your website.

Re-marketing is how I achieve big numbers on a campaign. Tweaking and making small but significant changes all the time is essential – there is no one size fits all anymore.

4. Customers who want what you are selling

Conversion comes when the customer is quietly saying to themselves as they browse your website “Yes, yes, that’s what I was thinking!”

Digital Marketing ads on Facebook and Google are often little more than one key question and the promise of a solution. Once the customer clicks through, the website has to be the easy to navigate and information accessible at a glance.

I love a website that answers the questions I am still forming and product information is quickly accessible by the smallest scroll down.

5. Do it all again – often

Technology allows me to be agile for my customers – the moment I see a trend emerging I can modify and resend a campaign to ensure not a single possibility is missed.

I also have the option to market specific aspects of your business to a targeted audience.

Advanced audience targeting options speak directly to particular segments of your customer base, bringing conversions from unexpected sources.

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