Hayley Rothery, Senior Project Manager

Managing many strands

My job is a bit like weaving together many disparate strands and threading them into a beautiful tapestry.

I work side by side with the CEO and CCO to bring all elements of the business together seamlessly.

I take what it is a truly excellent operation and make it better-er!

Brilliant Digital has many divisions within it, and I manage a lot of them: the Operations Team, the Design Team, the Development Team, the SEO Team and WordPress Team.

Working with clients to build a masterpiece

I build a solid relationship with our clients from the very beginning of a new website build. This is so I can learn what it is that they need and want so that I can guide my team to deliver the right outcome.

There are so many things involved in building a new website and setting up marketing platforms. My marketing coordinators liaise with all of the different teams to produce the final products, and I essentially go back and forward with them until we have the final masterpiece.

From post office to portals

I was a Postal Manager for 10 years; I loved being a Postal Manager. There was so much involved in coordinating ingoing and outgoing mail, banking, processing of bill payments and managing suppliers. Most importantly, I adored my customers.

What Brilliant Digital gave me was the opportunity to be the best mother I can be, but still work in a job where I could love what I do. And I adore all of our clients at Brilliant Digital.

Always learning and adapting

When I am not focusing on websites and marketing, I am out there in the digital world looking at and learning current and future trends.

This means we can always be at the top of our game, focusing on website UX and current designs and website security.

And if there is ever a better system or software to integrate into our team that will make us run better than we already do or something that we could be doing better, then I want to know all about it!

Brilliant Digital has a brilliant culture

We have such a well thought out structure and every one of our digital marketing experts is a leader in their field. I am surrounded by some of the most intelligent, creative and talented people in the world and I am so proud to be a part of this team.

I never stop learning and combined as a team we reach goals one after another and it’s thrilling.

No idea or suggestion is ever unheard in our company which means we are always at the top of our game – and the best part about our team is that there is no ego, the person who sweeps the floor is as important as the CEO and that’s the way every company should operate.

My proudest achievements

I am very proud of my Operations Team. I have a team of three beautiful girls who are my absolute rocks. I could not get through each day without them. I’ve watched some of the girls grow from a junior level to being so knowledgeable and tackle some really tricky things.

I’m incredibly proud of the fact that by employing some of our staff offshore, we have given an enormous opportunity to those people to have careers that they might not otherwise have had.

I’m proud to have developed such strong relationships with team members who I have never come face to face with.

I’m proud of our work. We produce some truly amazing websites and content. A lot goes into it.

My family is what it’s all about

I am mum to a beautiful brave little girl aged 4 – watching her grow is just the best thing in the world.

I have two pit bulls. One of them named Jake is my best friend – I am a self-confessed crazy dog lady. I love him way too much!

If I’m not being mum, you’ll find me in the gym or hanging out on the beach with my family or else with headphones on listening to rap music (I swear I was a rapper in a past life!).

Or else, I love to cuddle up on the couch with a glass of wine and a romance novel!

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Client Success Stories

We take a long-term view of our own business… and that’s how we view our relationships with our clients. In most cases, our work starts with improving the digital brand and clearly articulating the value proposition of an already successful company. We then move to create a business website that delivers the right leads and deliver ongoing digital marketing and integrated software solutions. We measure results in terms of business growth and increases in operational efficiency. In the end, the strength of the relationships we have with our clients speaks the loudest.

Danrae Group

Danrae Group

After working with Brilliant Digital on a complete digital marketing strategy, Danrae Group’s CEO, Daniel Caruana, was pleased to see that their new website grew from strength to strength.



Working with Brilliant Digital has transformed the Romar business so it can compete on the global manufacturing stage all the way from Western Sydney.

Facilities First

Facilities First

Facilities First has grown rapidly. Brilliant Digital created their new website to reflect their purpose, growth and capabilities.

Water Filters Australia

Water Filters Australia

Within a year of starting work with Brilliant Digital, Water Filters Australia’s sales had doubled… and that was only the beginning.

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