Business growth in a fluid environment

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Is it time to batten down or double down your business efforts? In this time of fluid commercial markets, many of our clients are grappling with this very question right now.

The answer lies in growth, and business growth means different things to different businesses at different times.

It may be adding new strengths to the business, investing in new equipment and acquisitions, exploring new territories, diversifying, partnering, expanding capabilities and services, or adding another growth channel that has been percolating away for some time.

Growth is something most people want to be part of and want to see in the businesses they trust, support, work with and work for. Whether you are a decision-maker, an investor or a customer, you know that if a business is not growing then it is declining.

Growth can be rapid or a slow burn

Some businesses find themselves under huge pressure to grow quickly and they can pursue growth with little forethought. Opportunities arise and FOMO can kick in. It is an entrepreneurial curse that creates instant gratification, which feels extremely exciting and empowering. However, instant growth can peter out as quickly as it arrived without long-term growth planning to sustain and leverage new opportunities.

For others, the pressure to grow is less intense, and they’re in a position of admitting they need to grow but are unsure how.

Business growth can materialise out of nowhere or it may be a slow burn. Either way, planning is critical.

Growth planning is made of a number of contingencies. These include managing risk and forecasting potential problems and solutions associated with growth; developing and managing communication strategies with your current staff and acquiring additional expertise; difficulties balancing growth and quality; time management; and, critically, having an outdated or lethargic web presence needed to stimulate new sales funnels and improve customer retention. It is in this space that our team at Brilliant Digital is… well, brilliant.

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We create proven growth strategies that activate your growth cycle

Your digital presence is a critical element in any growth planning. Without it, you can’t be seen, won’t be heard, and will not be relevant.

There are a number of digital levers with proven short and long-term benefits that support a business’s growth goals. Deciding which, when and how to utilise and maximise them is where a professional growth agency is invaluable.

By delving into data and critically analysing the outcomes, we expose where a business sits in the digital share market, where it needs to be, and what needs to be done to ignite its digital engines.

Brilliant Digital has a stable of professional creators, thinkers, strategists and analysts with highly developed business IQs and technical skill sets, who formulate and execute digital marketing growth strategies.

Our role is in powering your online market presence that helps to activate new business opportunities, develop new sales funnels and improve customer retention rates.

“Growth is not usually comfortable… but disciplined thinking that drives productive action will deliver the right result.” ~ Deb Croucher – Strategic Director, Brilliant Digital

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