Senior Content Producer

Greg Lee-Conway

Hi, I’m Greg and I work as a senior content producer within the content team. As the only rooster in the hen house, I’m very grateful nature blessed me with three daughters so I don’t come to the content meetings dressed like I’ve just been pulled backwards through a bush.

What I love most about my job at Brilliant Digital is the people. From my close contacts in the writing team right through to the ops team, the client managers, digital gurus and marketing legends, their transparency, intelligence, warmth and generosity are contagious.

This culture creates an environment where I get to do what I do best, knowing the whole team’s dedication to the client is just as invested as my own.

I was born to produce content, and for most of my life it is what I have done. I’ve been in the commercial writing industry for well over 20 years, specialising in brand storytelling, SEO, and value articulation in the digital brand space.

Creating articles, brand stories, advertising campaigns, blogs, short stories and editorial content is my bread and butter.

A bit of history

I cut my teeth in the advertising world as a copywriter, before moving to more highbrow environments: higher education, magazine and newspapers, corporate, not-for-profit and businesses where nothing mattered but profit. My journey has taken me around Australia, the UK, USA and India. Writing has allowed me to see much of the world and discover my place in it.

My formal qualifications include social science, creative writing and advertising and commercial photography. Together with my brand storytelling experience I have the enviable privilege to bring these attributes to the magical and diverse portfolio of Brilliant Digital clients.

At Brilliant Digital

At Brilliant Digital I get to work with an amazing and eclectic range of businesses. I love unearthing the hidden gems and telling their stories. Each client’s journey is inspiring; they all have worked so hard and ridden the waves to realise their passion. I value their trust in us to turn their idea, product, experience or service into a digital wonderland. Seeing our clients’ businesses take off with our support provides enormous satisfaction and puts the joy into creating content.

When I’m not writing

I’m married to a child psychologist, and I’m sure I’ve been her biggest challenge. Together we have four amazing children who are all on their own paths. Daughter one is finishing her midwifery degree, daughter two is studying psychology, daughter three is doing arts therapy and the young fella is joining the police force. Fair to say my wife’s influence has toppled mine.

After a lifetime in the big smoke we have relocated to a stunning little town in Victoria’s high country. Here I get to indulge my other passions, snow skiing, golf and restoring old homes. We are currently renovating an 1870s grand old dame, and on the weekends – if I don’t head up the mountain or hit golf balls into the water – I don the tool belt, put the footy on the radio and get the power tools buzzing. It is a great way to tune out, recharge and earn a beer or two.

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Our strong storytelling skills at Brilliant Digital

Our storytelling skills at Brilliant Digital is the glue that holds all of our marketing processes together. Each piece of content we write delivers the clear and compelling brand message behind your business.

The value of digital storytelling, the Brilliant way

Think about the last time you presented to a business audience. Did they connect with the figures on your PowerPoint or with the story you told behind the figures? Digital storytelling will reap you results.

Strategic approach to digital marketing success

The marketing options for your business are endless. You need a digital marketing partner who can work your brand hard to deliver sustained brand growth for the long term. And that’s what we deliver.

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