Attention is key to sales success...

Sales fundamental…

You can’t make a sale unless you get your buyers attention.

Before you can even begin the process of telling your market about your wonderful service or product… you have to get them to focus on you. You have to first go to where they are spending time… and second put some great marketing material in front of them.

Where are your market spending their time?

Whatever business you are in, your target market are spending more and more and more of their time online. Specifically they are on their mobile phones.

Most people are so attached to their phone that they have it at arms length at all times… even when they are asleep.  They check their phone first thing in the morning, last thing at night… and relentlessly through the day.

They even screen out more traditional forms of marketing like TV ads… by checking their phone during the ad break.

So to get your market’s attention… your business has to be highly visible on digital platforms and specifically on mobile phones.

Let's start with Google

In today’s world consumers looking for a product or service ask Google to find it for them.  If someone is actively looking for a business like yours, finds you on Page One of Google and clicks through to your well presented, mobile friendly website… you’ve got their attention… and you’re in with a good chance of doing business.

If they don’t contact you the first time… you can re-target them using Google ads that show on websites they visit while they’re surfing the web. You’ll stay on their radar and at some stage when they’re ready…. they’ll get in touch.

And what about Social Media?

I’m going to keep this blog simple and talk about the big hitting platform most businesses will enjoy huge success marketing on… Facebook.

When I mention Facebook marketing many professional service providers like accountants and lawyers tell me they can’t see how Facebook will work for their business. Stay here and I’ll explain…

Facebook is no longer something just for students. Everyone is on Facebook. CEOS, heads of departments, account managers and decision makers are all on Facebook checking on their family and friends.

Your Target Market are paying attention to what they see on Facebook.

Your Target Market check Facebook every day.

Facebook is where you need to be.

Posts on your business page are useful and have a place. Interesting and useful content that sits well with the platform will always help to build relationships with your prospects.

But Facebook advertising is the best value advertising on a cost per acquisition basis for the vast majority of businesses

Why is Facebook advertising so cost effective?

Facebook advertising is incredibly powerful because:

-Your market are there every day

-You can target your advertising very very closely

By targeting closely I mean that you can target very specific sectors of your market and write messages just for them.

So if you’re an accountant who wants to promote your self managed super fund management services… you can target men and women aged 45 -65 in a 10 mile radius of you who are highly likely to purchase superannuation and related products.

If you show them an interesting, attention grabbing photo with some informative and intriguing text – they’ll click through and read more… and… well you know the rest.

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