Getting inside your website visitor’s head

What do you think of the woman pictured below?

Fussy? Pedantic? Clear about what she likes? Very clear about what she doesn’t like? We reckon that’s about right. Let’s call her Jane (the pain).

She’s your typical website visitor.

Give her what she wants when she lands on your small business website… and your sales team will be busy.

Fail to give her what she wants… and you’re heading to the website graveyard on page 346 of Google.

To make Jane happy, you need to take a trip inside her head.

I want what I asked for

I want what I asked for

If Jane Googles “small business accountant” she is expecting the first screen she lands on to clearly state that you are a small business accountant.

If you don’t tell her this she will leave. Basic stuff.

Yet many, many businesses fail to explain on the first screen what they do.  Or they get too cryptic with clever tag-lines which no one understands.

Have a look at your site now and make sure you spell out clearly in big(ish) letters on the first screen what you do.

I want it now!

You have six seconds to impress Jane or she will hit the back button.

Once she’s established you are an accountant, her next move will be to do a quick overall sweep of the screen.

Like in the offline world… first impressions count.

The design needs to load fast and catch her eye.  She wants to quickly form an opinion that you are a serious professional organisation she’d like to do business with.

And just so you know where this is heading… Jane’s daughter will give you three seconds.

Make it easy for me because I am LAZY

Make it easy for me because I am LAZY

OK, so you’ve passed the six second test and Jane’s looking around.

What does she want?

She wants to interact with you. She wants to find out how you’re going to solve her problems and make her dreams come true.

But you have to make it easy for her to find her way around… because if she can’t find what she’s looking for… the back button is the easiest button to click.

And of course Google is watching – lots of short visits – no place on page 1 for you!

And while Jane is lazy on your website… she’s not lazy on Google.

She’ll be looking at six other websites as well as yours. Clearly you need to be the best in Jane’s eyes if you want her business.

If you’re starting to feel despondent here – don’t. There are lots and lots of very bad business websites out there.

With a bit of thought and hard work you can easily leapfrog above the rest.

How do I know I can trust you?

How do I know I can trust you?

The whole time Jane is on your website she’s thinking this:

“How do I know I can trust you? How do I know that you can do what you say you do? Is this a business I want to spend my money with?”

You need to give Jane reasons to trust you.

In the offline world you build trust primarily through body language and verbal communication. You start to engage with the person, and a relationship forms.

In the online world your engagement tools are primarily design and content. (We’re taking great functionality as a given here.)

Your design must be up to date and appeal to your target market. Your content must be engaging and include enough detail for it to be clear that you are what you say you are. Testimonials are essential.

And if you can’t put a good quality image of yourself on your website, Jane will be wondering what you have got to hide.

Giving away high quality information products is often the icing on the cake.

What's in it for me?

Jane is also constantly asking the question: “So what?”

“You have 20 years’ experience in accountancy? So, what does that mean for me? How is that going to solve my problems or make my dreams come true?”

Your website copy must spell out to Jane how you’re going to rock her world!

If you want me to remember you...

And finally, the Piece de Resistance. The priceless gem.

If you want Jane to remember you, if you want Jane to share the link to your website on Facebook and tell all her friends about you…

…you MUST make her feel good!

If you can leave Jane with a warm and fuzzy feeling after spending time on your website, you’re on your way to turning Jane the pain into Jane the paying customer.

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