SEO to Get Your Business Website on Page One of Google

Search Engine Optimisation

Here are the 3 ways to get your business website onto page one. Anyone who tells you anything else is selling snake oil.

  1. Pay Google for advertising
  2. Use the free tool “Google My Business” and
  3. Search engine optimisation (SEO)

This blog covers search engine optimisation. Read this previous blog for information about Google My Business

Follow the guide

It constantly amazes me that businesses and web design companies fail to follow the Google SEO Guide.

It’s a clear simple manual telling you what Google is looking for from your website.

At Brilliant Blue we’ve used it as a baseline since it was published and delivered ongoing excellent results for our clients.

Let’s have a look at some of the detail.

Unique title tags

First thing – every page must have a unique title tag. This is the first line a potential client will see on your Google search listing.

So in the example above the title tag is in purple “Brilliant Blue Small Business Websites Deliver Results.”

You have 60 characters to make your title tag appealing and something people want to click. It makes sense to include your business name.

Make sure that every title tag is unique and accurately represents the content on the page.

BBIM Search Listing Concept

Meta description tags

This is the writing in the example above that says “Want a small business website that…” Sometimes Google shows your description on the page, and other times it chooses to show some of the content.

Once again make sure the description is appealing and in line with your branding messages. You’ve got 160 characters. And once again every description tag must be unique and represent the content on the page.


Urls and Structure

The top url in the image above is a good one. It’s short and sweet and I know what the page is about before I even land. The second one is an example of what Google does not want to see!

Google likes you to use mainly text for navigation – like for example here’s a link to page about web content. It also helps the Google Bots and your visitors if your website is structured using a logical flowing hierarchy. If you have a number of pages about one area of your business – group them together under a main section page and provide links up and down between the detail pages and the main page.

Natural Link Building

Links to your website from other good websites are important for building credibility with Google but… don’t try to trick Google. If you try to force your website up the rankings using aggressive link building strategies your website will sink without a trace.

Brilliant Blue’s approach has always been to build links slowly and organically by adding great content to our client’s websites, sharing that content out on social media and letting the magic happen by itself. And it works!

Focus on your visitors

Enough about the technical stuff. At the end of the day your website is for your human visitors not the Google Bots. Yes you need to do enough of the technical stuff right… but once you’ve done this… you need to focus on your visitors.

If your visitors love your website, they’ll spend time on it and share it with their friends. And as soon as this happens your Google ranking will rise all by itself!

Here’s is quote taken from the Google SEO Guide. “Compelling and useful content will likely influence your website more than any other factor.”  Ignore it at your peril.

Regular high quality content

Great web content starts with a clear understanding of your target market. Work out who you are talking to and use words and images that will appeal to them.

Once you know who you are talking to, compelling branding of your business is the next key step. State clearly what you offer to who and why.

Make sure your website has a modern appealing design that your target audience will love and be sure that it’s fully responsive to mobile. If you have to pinch and grab the screen of your mobile to read the text – your website is heading for page 387 of Google.

Use high quality, real images. If you can’t put an image of yourself an your team on your website, people will wonder what you have to hide. Real images build trust in a way that stock images never can.

"Words are of course the most powerful drug used by mankind" Rudyard Kipling

The words you write on your website will affect your ranking with Google more than any other factor. Why?

Firstly because Google reads every single word. Great copy offering high quality information will bring you endless Google traffic starting with long tail search and building to more competitive keyword terms as your reputation grows.

And secondly because if you write great words your audience will love them, stay on your site for a long time and share them with their friends. And because Google is watching… your site rises just a little more…

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