Gayle Oddy, Editor and Proofreader

If there’s a misplaced comma on the loose or an errant use of plurals, Brilliant Digital writers never have to fear for Gayle Oddy is there!

Gayle is more than just the diligent and unflappable editor and proofreader for the team.

Really, she’s the goalkeeper who makes spectacular saves to ensure each and every blog post or article works perfectly. So that means it reads correctly, is polished, engaging, concise and makes sense.

She’s valued highly by all the writers especially when a large website is about to go live and there’s lots of pages that need her expert eye.

Gayle started out as a classroom teacher and then became a school principal. Once she retired, she set off on a wonderful nine-year road trip around Australia in a caravan with her husband. She got to explore and see the sights of this fascinating country.

What Gayle loves most about Brilliant Digital are the people and the flexibility.

On a typical day she might be digging in the garden when somebody sends a blog to proofread. She can sit on the veranda, proof their work, then return to whatever chore she’s doing.

She describes the team as very supportive with everyone there to help each other. She also loves the “family first” principle of Brilliant Digital, where everyone works hard to make sure family commitments are always valued.

Like all good editors, Gayle has her own pet peeves about the use of language. So, if you’re watching sport with her on TV, please make sure you never say “Australia are winning,” or “the team did their best.” You’ll never be invited for tea again.

When she’s not editing for Brilliant Digital, Gayle can be found attacking cryptic crosswords, going to the gym, babysitting her grandkids or going on fishing trips. For a semi-retiree, she’s simply far too busy!

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