What is a full service digital agency and what should you expect from one?

A Strategic & Holistic Approach To Digital Marketing

The digital marketing space has exploded in recent years as businesses embrace the power of new ways to reach their customers online. And there are a myriad of professionals who can help.

Some companies choose to engage a number of different specialist agencies and then have these teams collaborate.

A few years ago, the big brands like Nike opted for this approach to ‘freshen up’ their marketing.

And without a doubt, some of these micro-crews are exceptionally talented, reputable and successful, but if you truly want to streamline your digital brand marketing activity and maximise your digital marketing spend, then you must consider using a full service digital marketing agency.

A full service digital marketing agency offers you expertise and capability across the board and access to all the services you’ll need to build a strong online presence – such as website design, build and development, value articulation, search engine optimisation, social media and advertising. Typically, this includes strategic planning, branding, video production, content creation and writing services, database marketing services, SEO strategy… and the list goes on.

Why your digital marketing campaigns need consistency and cohesion

The benefits of using one full service agency as opposed to several specialists is that you have the benefit of consistency.

This is incredibly important. Why? Because the online space is fragmented by its very nature. Disjointed messaging, fractured branding and mixed signals usually equal lost opportunities. There’s nothing potentially more damaging to your business than a scattered marketing plan.

Cohesion across your brand, messaging and marketing activity is what’s going to ensure you build a strong online presence and a community of committed followers and customers, over the long term.

Success starts and ends with your website

The most important thing you need to consider, and invest in, is your website. So, quite frankly, if your digital marketing agency doesn’t start with a full audit of your website to make sure it’s working effectively, then you might consider looking elsewhere.

Here’s why: Clever social media campaigns, informative YouTube videos, eye catching Google ads and organic SEO traffic should, if they’re implemented wisely, drive traffic to your website.

BUT, if your site isn’t functioning the way it should to convey your brand, deliver a good user experience and convert visitors into business leads, then you’ve completely wasted your money on every other activity. Watch more in the video here.

A good full service digital marketing agency worth its reputation will help you to understand how all of the online channels work together.

Timely, accurate and transparent reporting

What’s more, the team will be able to conduct genuinely useful reporting across all areas – the big picture view – and then distil it down as necessary. One of the most exciting things about online marketing is that you can gather feedback in real time, which means that if something isn’t working, you can change tack, try something else, or stop your campaign altogether.

Ensuring you have someone on the team who is not only actively monitoring your campaigns but has the know-how and experience to analyse and interpret the activity is an absolute must.

The other advantage of a full service marketing agency is that it has the scope to grow with your business. Whether you’re focusing locally or globally, you can access the services you need, as you need them. Full service digital marketing agencies tend to work with a diverse and wide-ranging portfolio of clients too, which means they’re always gaining insights, inspirations and ideas from a variety of sources and experiences, and overall, this benefits all clients.

A full service digital marketing agency will typically aim to educate you along the way too, so that your internal marketing teams gain more confidence in the digital space as it rapidly changes, transforming not just the way you reach and interact with your customers and clients, but how you transact business with them, too.

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