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Bringing in the right business leads

Thanks to a powerful digital brand

Accounting For Good is a team of expert accountants that operates in a niche market, but unfortunately their old website did not talk to the right people.

Brilliant Digital Founder Deb Croucher and Accounting For Good CEO Kirsten Forrester talk about how partnering with Brilliant Digital as a digital branding and marketing expert for accountants has rapidly turned this business around, not only increasing their leads but finally attracting the ‘right’ business leads.

  • Their problem: A bland website that acted like an information brochure.
  • Our solution: Digital branding, new logo and a powerful new SEO-rich website.
  • The results: Many qualified leads and a true connection with their target audience!
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A total brand overhaul

The goals for Accounting For Good’s new website were threefold:

  • To develop a stronger online marketing voice
  • To engage directly with clients and potential clients
  • To build a business development funnel which would deliver quality leads.

“We completely rewrote the website copy in order to tell the company story, to explain the service offering and really showcase this organisation as the results-driven and progressive company that it is, providing a highly regarded service to its clients,” says Deb.

What we delivered for Accounting For Good

Accounting for Good website in a laptop

We developed a strategy to create an online presence that reflects who the business really is. The team at Brilliant Digital achieved this through:

Being truly heard

“We wanted our online presence to reflect who we really are,” explains Accounting For Good’s CEO, Kirsten Forrester.

“We’re a very warm and friendly team but we also embrace new technology to better service our clients and reduce the burden on their internal teams.

I’m a bit particular about language and have a view about how I want to present our company. In that regard, Brilliant Digital was great to work with.

Our feedback was heard and actioned, and we worked collaboratively, which meant that our team really had a sense of ‘vested interest’ in the website, too. It wasn’t just a marketing project developed in isolation from the client service team.”

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“We’re now relatable”

As an outsourced accounting provider, Accounting For Good needs to engender strong levels of trust and open communication with clients, right from the start. The language on the website now better reflects this, and the client stories explain the various ways that Accounting For Good works with clients and what it can achieve for them.

“The content is easy to read, and the client stories are relatable,” says Deb.

“Considering a move to outsourced accounting is a big decision, and the case studies provide solid information about how the Accounting For Good process works, so that when potential clients make contact, they are already primed with sufficient knowledge to take discussions to the next step.”

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Impressive results

“The results so far from our new website are impressive and encouraging,” says Kirsten. Accounting For Good is receiving increasing numbers of qualified leads.

“These clients are just what we’re looking for, and we’re what they are looking for, too. It’s a solid starting point for developing potential new client relationships. And they’re the ‘right kind’ of organisations too, which means we’re speaking directly to our target market.”

User statistics for the first month showed that organic traffic has a very low bounce rate of 38%. Users also stay on the website for more than three minutes, and the conversion rate is steadily increasing.

Accounting for Good website in a laptop

SEO and Google Ads

In line with the new website, Brilliant Digital has also improved Accounting For Good’s overall online presence, with a social media content plan and Google ads.

“Our dedicated SEO team has put a lot of work into both Google Analytics and Google Ads,” says Deb.

“But it’s the increase in free organic traffic that comes via Google Analytics that has been really impressive. Accounting For Good is now attracting people who are searching Google for not for profit accountants… this is exactly the niche audience Accounting For Good wants to work with.

“Our social media content plan includes an organic Facebook strategy and LinkedIn posts and we’ve also enabled an easy process for sending out their monthly e-newsletter.”

Does your business also need strong digital branding?

We can achieve the same kind of results as we have for Accounting For Good. We know that now two businesses are the same – that’s why we have a tailored approach for each of our clients, but relying on our tried and trusted process to get results.

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    Brilliant Digital has been amazing! They provided a very professional and high-quality service. They understand the niche areas to target when building websites, which has helped make our website a Ferrari with a strong engine, rather than something that looks good but doesn’t bring in the clients. Thank you, Brilliant Digital!

    Matthew Guy

    Accounting For Good has been working with BD since late 2018 – starting with a website refresh and snazzy update to our logo. They’ve curated a solid website with great SEO. I can write, but it’s easy to get distracted and forget to write your content, so outsourcing is such a great option. I *love* our BD content writer – it’s a real partnership. She understands our business and gets the tone I want so spot-on that I think she can actually read my mind.

    Kirsten Forrester
    Accounting For Good

    Brilliant Digital has helped me grow my family business. Once we developed a fully functioning, professional and productive website, we doubled our client base, and we continue to have consistent inquiries. We will definitely be continuing our professional relationship with Brilliant Digital and use their services for our future endeavours.

    Michael Rahn
    Power with Purpose

    Positive: Professionalism, quality, responsiveness

    Brilliant Digital has a wonderfully friendly, helpful and knowledgeable team and has been invaluable to my business.

    Ian Donald
    Ian Donald Optometry

    Our business website was looking dated and needed a revamp, and we weren’t happy with our current website managers, so we shopped around and were immediately drawn to Brilliant Digital. We set up a meeting and a few weeks later had a great new website, and we’ve had great feedback from clients since about the new look. The website has no doubt drawn new customers to my business and I feel that it has been worth every cent spent.

    But wait there’s more!

    Brilliant Digital has been a fountain of knowledge on all aspects of internet and web marketing and social media, and we’re really grateful for their knowledge and expertise and the huge impact they have had on our business.

    Ari Ende

    My website has been critical to my success. It is literally the face of my business… it’s the shop window.

    I can’t recommend Brilliant Digital highly enough. It is the only company that has taken the time to gain a deep understanding of me, my business, what I want to achieve and where I want to go with it.

    Julie Nipperess
    Step Up Group

    Our website was up and running in six weeks as promised. I couldn’t believe it, actually. Our first website was such a long, tortuous process.

    Brilliant Digital has done everything they said they would do. We’ve never had a problem, even with all the increased traffic from the new marketing campaigns. We’ve been very happy!

    Brett Churcher
    Playoust Churcher

    We really feel that the end product was just at such a high standard. It’s really crisp, really clean, and it’s gone from scope all the way to that delivery piece. It’s been quality all the way.

    We value that and we think the Brilliant Digital team has far exceeded our expectations.

    Janelle Dixon
    Facilities First

    We are a very busy medical practice that recently engaged Brilliant Digital to develop our website and online presence.

    Straight away we realised we had found someone with invaluable marketing experience, who explained in plain speaking the pitfalls and advantages of the online world.

    This allowed us to get on with the more important issue of running our practice.

    We have received lots of positive feedback regarding our website and mobile site from many of our patients.

    Jacqui Ellsmore
    Glebe Family Medical Practice

    When we came to Brilliant Digital, the selling point for us was the strategy. It wasn’t just about building a website; it was about having a philosophy.

    Hugh Edmunds
    Edcon Steel