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This month, we’ve published a series of webinars for BEC, Business Enterprise Centre. BEC is a not for profit organisation specialising in helping small businesses find their feet in the current business climate. They provide mentoring, training, business analysis and lots of encouragement and accountability. You can find your local BEC here. Today we are talking with John Carnohan, Business Advisor and Coach from Bayside BEC.

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So, what made you and BEC decide to join up with Brilliant Digital?

We are in the game of supporting small business. There is a government initiative to educate small business owners about digital solutions as it’s no longer an optional extra when it comes to building a sustainable business.

The Digital Tsunami

Our government is recognising that many small businesses are simply not digitally ready, and that they will not be able to survive unless they get on top of that.

We’ve heard Deb talk about the Digital Tsunami facing businesses today, and we feel that it is such an apt term for our clients.


New skill set

Our clients are people stepping out with great ideas and passions. They are learning all the skills needed to run a successful business, and now, on top of that, there is this digital footprint they need to have and it’s a different skill set again. We just felt that Deb and Brilliant Digital were a great fit to educate our customers and give them a solid grounding in this field.

Our values at BEC are about investing in people, in their ideas, and building them up to be the best they can be. From our first phone call with Deb it was clear that Brilliant Digital shared those values of sowing and growing.

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Why do you get up in the morning?

Leaving a legacy

I love what I do. I used to be quite successful in the corporate world. I had a fancy title, lots of travel and I was paid pretty well too. But in the end, even though I felt I had achieved some good things, I didn’t feel I was leaving much of a legacy.

Once I’d left, it sometimes felt like I’d never even been there. I was just a cog in a very big wheel.

In this age of “living in the moment” I wanted to look further and invest my skills in helping people achieve their dreams, making a difference to individuals and families for generations to come.


Making a difference

Here at BEC, I get to help people and make a genuine difference in their lives. My favourite part of my job is that “aha!” moment when a client sees their business vision come together. It’s brilliant.

Part of what attracted me to Brilliant Digital is the genuine interest I’ve felt from every staff member I’ve come in contact with. There is a definite “let’s work together and make this great” vibe that is really energising and exciting.

Brilliant Digital Finding your unique voice.Video Marketing

How has the digital age affected your day to day work?

Everyone gets a voice

We help a lot of regional businesses and entrepreneurs. In the past, they wouldn’t have had the same reach as an inner city business. But now in the digital age, it’s great, because everyone has the same opportunities and everyone has a voice.

Making your voice stand out

We see that now the issue is that there are a billion voices out there, and we are finding more and more that we need to teach our clients and members how to make their voice stand out.


This is an issue that is often out of the comfort zone for many of our members, but it’s something that will put you out of business very quickly if you get it wrong.

Brilliant Digital excels in helping businesses navigate this and turn it to advantage in business dealings.

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How have the Brilliant Digital webinars helped your clients?

Access to first class training

It’s been amazing really. As I mentioned, we support a lot of regional businesses, and they have really valued having access to training they wouldn’t normally be able to attend.
The content was right on point with the main challenges our members are facing:

Creating a digital strategy
Video marketing
Google Ads



It’s given our clients confidence to enter the digital world and given them a central reference point. Deb has a real gift for encouraging people to engage and step out of their comfort zones and ask questions. It’s been a really positive experience.

Free resources

The free resources at the end of each webinar are invaluable. Our feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. We are finding that our clients are treating the webinars as primary ongoing digital resources rather than one-off training sessions, which is exactly what we’d hoped for.

“I have been attending all sessions … with Deb and have thoroughly enjoyed her insight into the digital world.”

“I … found this morning’s webinar really useful and look forward to going through the previous.”

“As a small business in regional NSW these webinars are a fantastic way to get current and build my online presence.”

“It was wonderful.”

Check out our webinars for yourself:

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Brilliant Digital Sustainable digital solutions-Digital Brand Strategy
Why are digital assets so vital in today’s business world?

Digitisation is a tsunami of unprecedented proportions sweeping relentlessly across the business landscape with no respect for geographical borders, your loyal team or the blood sweat and tears you’ve put into building your organisation.

Brilliant Digital Sustainable digital solutions-Digital Brand Strategy
Why you need to have a complete understanding to get a result with digital marketing

It’s time for businesses to know more than just ‘a little bit’. Businesses must understand the importance of establishing a holistic approach to digital marketing. Understanding the benefits of a complete digital marketing solution will help businesses build a strong and powerful digital brand and strategically contribute value to the market.

Brilliant Digital Sustainable digital solutions-Digital Brand Strategy
Leveraging the family business advantage

We are tired. Tired of being sold to, everywhere we turn. The market is over mass advertising. The 'buy this because it’s the best' no longer works. With the development of the internet, consumers have unlimited choices.

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