Primary Producers

Opening New Sales Channels In Your Niche Market

From traditional to online

The slow but sure migration of primary producers from traditional sales methods to direct online channels is changing the way our farmers are running their businesses.

It’s a snowball effect: with online sales solutions becoming more and more available to consumers, they are turning to the internet in increasing numbers to buy their food directly from producers.

This opens up a world of opportunities for primary producers. Clearly, if you don’t invest in a robust digital marketing strategy that connects you directly to your consumers, you’ll get left behind.

Online users are also looking for producers who are serious about sustainability. They have an increasing need to know how their food is processed, handled, packaged and shipped, and that they are eating a superior product based on brand trust.

We are proud of the long-term partnerships we have built with a wide range of primary producers to connect them directly with their consumers, to offer a seamless online purchasing journey and ultimately grow their top and bottom lines through a robust digital business solution.

Deep understanding

Through years of working with clients in this sector, we have developed a deep understanding of the unique challenges you face, the typical problems you solve for your market and how to effectively communicate your value to your target audience.

In working with you to grow a powerful and sustainable digital brand, we conduct research of our own into what your target audience wants. We know through experience what triggers their buying decisions.

We know that by opening up new sales channels, you’ll be able to connect directly with your audience and reap the benefits of this renewed connection.

We also understand the significance of having an effective eCommerce solution – one that offers your buyers a pleasurable buying experience so they’ll come back time and time again.

And lastly, we understand what is needed to own a niche in your market. We do this through meaningful keyword research and strategically combining keywords with gripping content and a memorable user experience.

Through our strategic process, many of our primary producer clients have extended their reach and significantly grown their businesses.

Expertise in niche marketing

We have good news: as a primary producer, you can own your niche in the market.

With proper keyword research, a watertight digital marketing strategy and clear business direction, we can help you develop a firm position in the niche area you aim to claim.

Through cementing your niche on the internet, you are effectively telling Google (or other search engines) that you are the expert in this niche area and that anyone who is looking for your product or service online will find what they’re looking for on your website. Google soon realises this, and pushes you way up on its search results.

Take hold of this unique opportunity by relying on our expertise in SEO and digital marketing to own your niche. Our track record shows that we’re more than capable of making this happen for your business.

“Our dedicated writers have created powerful content for Rosevale Lentils, bringing their incredible team forward and connecting them with the consumers.” (Deb Croucher, Founding Director, Brilliant Digital)

How we connect you with the consumer

Times have changed. Primary producers are relying less and less on big distributors and are moving towards personalised sales direct to consumers online.

This means that you need to connect on a personal level with your consumers. You can no longer be a faceless brand. By forming a meaningful connection with your target audience, you build the element of trust necessary for them to spend money on your product.

We help you connect with your target audience by conducting deliberate keyword research and making these keywords the golden thread throughout your entire online presence.

We introduce you and your team to the readers by writing captivating profiles through the art of brand storytelling. This makes you relatable and relevant.

Our content writers are also experts at mapping out the process your produce follows from paddock to plate – which is what your audience is interested in.

We give your food a face. And once this face is trusted and a meaningful connection is built, you’re well on your way to sustained top line growth.

Partnering with you

We are incredibly proud of the long-term partnerships we have built with clients in the agriculture and aquaculture sectors.

Our experts in digital marketing, content creation and SEO work continuously behind the scenes to increase your digital reach by opening up new sales channels and connecting you with your customers.

By placing your digital brand in our capable hands, you can continue running your business while we strategically manage your marketing and deliver long-term sustained growth.

Are you ready to work with us on achieving a tailored digital business solution to grow your digital brand? Contact us today.

Our farming clients

Over the years, our primary producer clients have seen a substantial increase in product sales and market share as a result of our robust digital marketing, websites and software solutions.

The Conscious Farmer website continues to deliver sustained results

Since our first steps into working with The Conscious Farmer in 2015, their website continues to deliver great results. “We’ve seen clicks to the website increase by 75% for the search term ‘Australian grass-fed beef’ – it’s a huge difference!” See more of our incredible digital marketing results here.

New sales channels and consumer connection for Rosevale Lentils

Rosevale Lentils’ offering to their market is unique, which is why we built a beautiful eCommerce website for them that is optimised for search, communicates their value, tells their brand story and offers a seamless buying experience. See more of our incredible digital marketing results here.

eCommerce website and digital marketing campaigns for EP Seafoods

We worked hard to build a sustainable and strong digital brand for our client in aquaculture, Eyre Peninsula Seafoods – one that brings in qualified leads, educates the market on mussel preparation and places their brand front of mind. See more of our incredible digital marketing results here.

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