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An event for growth

Atura, Blacktown
Thursday May 16th 5:30pm – 7:30pm

Workshop and networking.  Opportunity to meet other successful family business owners.

Drinks and snacks provided.


Family Business is the backbone of the Australian economy. We create at least 50% of all jobs. We innovate and punch way above our weight. And we build some of the most innovative and successful companies in the marketplace. Of course, as we all know, there are challenges when you mix love and money. But we also have huge advantages we can leverage.

A digital brand strategy for family business growth

Digital marketing is now the mainstream and eclipses all other forms… but unless you have a watertight strategy it’s easy to burn time and cash.

At the event we’ll share how to leverage the family business advantage in this fast moving field.

You will gain a clear understanding of what you need to do to create and grow a digital brand in a strategic way and get a reliable and measured return on your investment.

Workshop presenter Deb Croucher, Founder, Brilliant Digital.

Lots of people talk about Digital Marketing… but for the past 10 years, family business Brilliant Digital has consistently delivered measured results across multiple industry sectors Australia wide.

Deb is incredibly passionate about the power of digital marketing and leveraging the family advantage. She’ll use case studies to illustrate how family businesses can make giant leaps forward and get fantastic returns on investment using a strategic approach to digital marketing.

Workshop takeaways
– Big-picture clarity on what you need to do to grow an effective digital brand
-A ground-breaking strategic framework that works for any sized business
-Priority tasks that will deliver the quickest return for your organisation

Love and money are a potent brew

Our MC for the night is Philip Pryor, CEO of Family Business Central, Australia and New Zealand’s leading family business advisers.

Phil and his team work with family businesses to create sustainable solutions for succession planning, business governance, family charters and dispute resolution.

He believes that every family business is a valuable legacy. To help business owners protect their asset, he devises practical strategies based on the family’s goals.

The core values Phil works on are honesty, transparency and fairness. These principles are the foundation of all successful family businesses and are what drives Family Business Central.

In Phil’s words, “Experience has shown me that for a family business to be successful … the family must be aligned with the business and the business aligned with the family. If business and family values and goals are in line and if the relationships are transparent and honest … the business prospers.” 

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