Facebook Massively Damaged Its Reputation in Australia

Posted by Deb Croucher | February 19, 2021

It’s been a busy few weeks for the tech giants in Australia.

Google was threatening to make its search engine unavailable in Australia but quickly did a deal with the Australian media companies once they realised our government was not going to back down.

Facebook, on the other hand, removed all content generated by our professional news outlets and prevented news posts from being shared.

Many government agencies and not for profits were caught up in the sweep, including those with pandemic information on them. Some private businesses also lost their pages.

For the worst affected, their Facebook page was their only digital brand presence… (see later in the article for more on that strategy).

It seems to me this was a crazy move for Facebook to have made.

There are plenty of places for Aussies to go for news other than Facebook. And plenty of other social media platforms Aussies can use to socialise and catch up on what friends and family are up to.

No fact checking...

No fact checking...

Communications Minister Paul Fletcher summed up the situation really well.

“What they’re effectively saying to Australians is: ‘You will not find content on our platform which comes from an organisation which employs professional journalists, which has editorial policies, which has fact-checking processes.”  (Sydney Morning Herald)

I just can’t see how this is going to be good for Facebook in any way.

But what does it mean for you, the business owner?

It means that everything we have always said about digital branding, websites and digital marketing is becoming more and more relevant.

Never rely on any social platform

Never rely on any social platform

As we’ve said for many years… social media marketing is a vital part of the overall digital marketing mix. But only PART of the mix.

Never, ever rely on any social media platform for your whole digital presence. You have no control. You are vulnerable to losing everything literally overnight if the tech giants decide to change their algorithms or, even worse, remove your content altogether.

You MUST take control and place your website, which you own and control, at the centre of your digital brand.

Be certain it accurately represents your business, educates your market, is a dream for your customers and team to use, and you feel really proud of it.

Optimise it for search, making sure the engines send you heaps of free high-quality traffic.

And use social media like sandwich boards in the street, directing people to your website to learn more about your business and how you can help them.

If you’d like to chat about your business opportunities or any other aspect of digital marketing, contact us for more information.

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