The Big Guys are Asleep… Pssssst!

It's happening...

It's happening...

Right now we are in midst the biggest business shake-up since the industrial revolution.

Everything is changing.

Everyone asks Google about everything. And then trusts Google to send them to the right places to answer their questions.

Families who used to to sit through TV ads now fast forward through them using Netflix or check their emails on their phone during the ad break.

40 and 50 somethings who said they would ‘never use Facebook because it was for teenagers’… are checking their feed every day to see what their kids, grandkids and friends are up to.

And even when people are out in the ‘real world’ they are walking (and driving) past billboards and sandwich boards because they’ve got their head in their phone.

People even sleep with their phone by their bed and check it before they talk to their families!

And your point is?

And your point is?

My point is that old marketing channels like newspapers, magazine ads, TV ads and billboards don’t work any more. You might as well flush the cash down the toilet.

Networking won’t work unless your website and Linkedin support everything you said when you talked to people.

And even good old referral… will fail if they look you up and find a terrible website.

If you want to get your target audiences attention… you must must must tell your story online.

And tell it well. If you don’t… your competitor will. They will survive… and you won’t.

Heads in the sand

Heads in the sand

Many, many businesses have their heads in the sand (or up their backsides) and think they are strong enough to survive anything.

But the joke is that big companies are even more vulnerable than small ones.

A big company will take a year to get their act together and create a new website… a small business will get it done in a month.

A big company will take 20 meetings and a working party to roll out a sterile and uninteresting social media campaign. A small company will blitz it quickly with great, on-trend insights directly from the business owner…

I wonder if the heads of Best Western and Marriott have got a plan to handle… because they’d better believe the change is coming.

The good news for you is the very fact that the big guys are asleep right now.

Small and medium business can move quickly and change direction fast. You can decide on a digital strategy, implement it this week… and within a few months totally transform your business… because you’re suddenly getting a steady flow of warmed up, educated leads who understand the value of what you do.

What are you waiting for…. do it!

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