Content Writing 1 – Brand and Message


Never underestimate the power of content. And with our brand and message content writing training, you will learn how to create killer brand content that converts.


Behind every successful website is a compelling brand message. A strong brand message will connect with your audience. It will create trust and help you build relationships. And it will compel people to take action.

Without a doubt, your content is the most important element of your digital marketing.

Brand writing isn’t a skill that comes naturally to everyone… but it is a skill you can learn. Over the past 20 years, we have developed a formula for writing brand content that engages, connects and delivers leads, sales and business growth. And that’s what we will teach you in this training course.

Key learnings

No matter whether you are a content producer wanting to level up your brand writing skills, a business leader looking for guidance on the content for your website or a marketer looking to expand your knowledge into digital, you will benefit from this course. 

We focus on practical skills to provide you with the tools and knowledge you need to apply your learnings in your business.


 Throughout the course we will cover:


  • The formula for defining your key messages

  • How to stay on brand and on message with every content piece you write

  • Uncovering the content opportunities within your business and through Google search

  • Creating a plan and structure for your brand content

  • The content elements to include on your "home" page

  • Writing the perfect "about" page that is all about your customers

  • The secrets of product and service pages

  • Why and how to showcase your team on your website

  • Industry tips and tricks for strong digital brand writing


By the end of the training you will:


  • Understand what you need to say about your business and how to say it

  • Have a clear road map for creating the content you need for results

  • Be excited to move forwards with clarity and focus

Why study with Brilliant Digital?

We practically wrote the book on writing for a digital audience. In fact, we have been writing for digital audiences for 20 years, long before Google was the household name it is today. In that time, we have perfected a formula for creating killer brand content that converts.

Your trainers are talented digital content producers who are writing brand content for our clients every day. We don’t teach theoretical concepts in a vacuum. Our training is practical and hands on, designed to give you the skills you need to start writing brand content for your business.

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