Online SEO Training


A website without SEO isn’t worth building. In our Online SEO training, you will learn the technical and content SEO elements you need to master to grow your website traffic.


If you have a website but your potential customers can’t find you on Google, you are missing out on a huge opportunity. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the answer. Implementing a solid SEO strategy will get you the kinds of results you’ve only ever dreamed of.

For over 20 years, we have been building and maintaining websites that deliver incredible Google rankings and sustained business growth for our clients.

We’ve watched every SEO trick and trend come and go… and we know what works and what doesn’t. Through this online SEO training, we will give you the knowledge and tools to set you on a proven path to digital success.

Key learnings

Whether you are a marketer wanting to expand your SEO knowledge, a business leader looking for better results from your website or a content producer wanting to learn SEO to enhance your writing, in this course you will learn the technical and content elements of SEO that you need to nail to bring free traffic to your website every day. 


Throughout the course we will cover:


  • How to uncover the keywords that will deliver results for your business

  • Structuring a website around a keyword list

  • The technical elements you need to increase your Google ranking

  • Tips for finding a design and coding team who understand SEO

  • A formula for creating an effective SEO and content plan

  • Ways to optimise your content for the search engines

  • The role of YouTube content in Google ranking

  • Google local search for small business

  • Link building and other off-page SEO practices

  • How to use Google Analytics and Webmasters to measure your success


At the end of the course you will:


  • Know the important technical and content factors for SEO success

  • Have a clear road map for ranking your website and getting relevant free traffic

  • Be excited to move forwards with clarity and focus

Why study with Brilliant Digital?

Over 20 years, we have seen every SEO trend come and go. And our approach has always been to follow our proven formula for success. The SEO work we do for our clients brings consistent, quality leads day in and day out. What we do works.

We are passionate about teaching other businesses how they can use our formula to get the kind of results they only ever dreamed of. And that's what you’ll get in this course.

We don’t believe in teaching theoretical concepts in a bubble. What you will get from us is hands-on and practical training derived from our years of experience in producing spectacular SEO results for hundreds of happy clients.

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