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So, here’s the dream.

Your wonderful ERP system is the beating heart of your business. You and your team love the system because it’s a joy to use and automates so many time-consuming business processes.

Product data only ever has to be entered once in the ERP (or even better, it flows through from suppliers). And any changes you make to that product data seamlessly flow to your website.

Your website is the powerful cornerstone of your digital brand. You are super proud of it.

Existing and potential customers can easily find everything they are looking for and go on a seamless journey from the home page to purchasing or viewing their recent history in the client portal.

So, is the dream possible?

The right UX for the audience

Of course it’s possible!

At its core, a website to ERP integration is a simple concept. It involves setting up API bridges so data flows from the ERP to your website and return information gathered by the website flows back to the ERP. Our technical teams have the experience and know-how to make this data transfer seamless, fast, secure and future-proof.

However, a superb project outcome that delivers top-line growth and increased business efficiency must also focus on the human side of the project.

This is the ability to make sure that vital information is displayed in the right form for the person using the platform at the time. At Brilliant Digital we have the strategic expertise and experience to ensure that all users of your system enjoy a superb user experience (UX).

So, for example:

  • Your customers can find what they are looking for quickly and easily and buy the product they want.
  • Your operations team can easily find and amend the customer and product information they need.
  • Your finance team has the reports they need at their fingertips.
  • And the search engines understand the website and send the vital traffic that organically grows your business.

Digital strategy

Many business owners we meet feel very stressed at the prospect of tackling an ERP website integration.

Often, they have yet to find a team with the strategic expertise to devise the best-fit solution, execute on the plan and offer long-term support moving forwards.

Our proven process includes

  • Strategic fact-finding to ensure we understand your market, products and services, business operations and the needs of each
  • Creation of a project plan that gives the best-fit solution for the business, considering all stakeholders and your business goals
  • Scoping of the project, including timelines and milestones
  • Solution delivery by our team of experts
  • Ongoing services moving forwards, including software evolution, digital marketing, website maintenance, data-analytics and strategic advice.

The outcome for you is that the right project is executed on time and on budget. Your top-line grows as a direct result of increased website sales, and your business efficiency is increased through the automation of more processes.

And both your team and customers love interacting with the digital face of your business.

Starting the conversation

If you’d like to start the conversation about website to ERP integrations or any integrated software solutions with us, please contact us and one of our directors will arrange an initial call.

During this call, we will ask you some questions about your business, make an initial assessment of your existing situation and answer any questions you have about us.

From there, if there looks to be a fit for working together, we will explain the next step, which includes a detailed discovery session with one of our digital strategists and our technical team.

At every stage our goal is simple.

The best-fit solution for your business.


Can you use my existing website or should we start from scratch?

The straight answer is until we take the lid off and have a look inside we can’t say. Sometimes we are able to use existing sites, sometimes we need to re-build for you to reach your business goals. We’ll let you know during the strategic phase of our engagement.

Can you work with all ERP software systems?

Our team have extensive experience with all the major software vendors. We are proudly vendor agnostic. We have also built a number of custom ERP solutions for complex business requirements.

How long will the process take?

The initial strategic consultation and scoping of a project is generally complete within a few weeks. From there the project plan will give you a clear understanding of timelines and investment.

How much time will my team and I need to invest in the process?

Our goal throughout is to make as efficient use as possible of your time. During the initial strategic phase we need access to key team members inside your business. Rest assured we are highly skilled at asking the right questions to extract the required information quickly. During the project and beyond we are organised and focused and arrange effective and efficient meetings only. Our goal is to build a long-term partnership with you so we can grow together.

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